2019’s Top Mobile App Development Programming Languages

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4 min readJun 30, 2019

If you are an expert programmer or a beginner, you equally understand the importance of programming languages. Techs working in the field understand it clearly, updating your skills on the updates that every tie comes in rewards the best.

To build an efficient and modern Mobile application on needs to learn multiple coding languages or program languages. It is not enough to learn any one or two programming languages when the goal is to peruse a career.

So, if you are a beginner or expert in Mobile App Development Company, this has brought some shifts in the programming language trends. You must apt for the right programming language. The Mobile App Development Dubai has gathered a list of 2019’s Top Mobile App Development Programming Languages.


  • Kotlin is a new object-oriented first-class programming language; Jet Brians developed it in 2011. It’s Officially, Google’s second programming language.
  • Kotlin is an extension of Java and has many similarities in structure with its elder friend JAVA.
  • Due to many advanced features, Kotlin is ahead of Java in Android programming.
  • It supports approx all IDEs including Android Studio and SDK toolkit.
  • Kotlin requires fewer code lines than working with Java. Kotlin has Interoperability, more verbosity, and conciseness than Java.
  • The Major open Learning sources are Google developers’ official site and Udemy courses.

More and more developers are leaning Kotlin due to its more functionality and cleaner syntax with advanced features. Kotlin launched as a platform-independent language, which means very soon it will target all platforms. Its native code will run on iOS, Mac and also on other platforms too.


• Java is not dead! It is still a popular choice of developers for decades.
• Java helps in building enterprise-scale web applications.
• It is a platform-independent object-oriented programming language.
• Codes written in Java can run on any platform except iOS.
• There are hundreds of libraries available to learn,
• Best for learning C++ Backgrounds.
• In 1994 by James Gosling developed Java, at Sun Microsystems( now owned by Oracle )

Java supports APIs and can in two different ways like, in the browsers and Virtual machines. Java remains a popular language due to its dominance in Android operating systems and a two decade’s nonstop presence. It is hard to learn and has a powerful IDE, with a large number of open sources to learn.


• Developed in 1990 by Guido Van Rossum, Python is a multi-purpose, object-oriented, interpreted high level and widely used programming language.
• It is very easy to learn and more readable.
• With huge frameworks, it supports flexible programming.
• Python supports GUI applications and, multiple systems and platforms.

Many popular apps like YouTube Instagram Quora Reddit BitTorrent Spotify and Dropbox used python Language. It is developer friendly and easy, so many business enterprises and Mobile App Development Company Dubai use this language. It can be integrated with Java, C++, and C and has a large set of functionalities to develop a quicker app.


• It is an intuitive programming language, which prevents memory leaks through the Automatic memory management feature.
• Mainly used for used in Apple Products like macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux.
• Swift is easy to read because its codes are written in near to natural English.
• It is a modified version of the Objective version of C, but swift is easier to learn and code.
• The performance of the output of the language is impressive because it has a fast execution time as compared to objective C.
Swift has limited resources of learning because it is a new language you can learn from the Apple Developers Site.


• Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983 developed C++
• There are many compilers and libraries to learn but it is very hard to learn for beginners.
• C++ is an object-oriented and general purpose programming language, C++ is an object-oriented and general purpose programming language, you can use C++ to develop high-level applications and also the low-level libraries
• It is a platform independent language it means you can develop all types of applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platform.
• You can learn it from C++ official website to develop the best level of mobile application development.

Overall all applications and, software developing languages are important to learn. Even if the iOS is using Swift but, still Objective C helps to learn further languages. However, this year the trend is about using the above-mentioned languages more. Developers are experimenting with Kotlin and Java to compare which one is better. Hopefully, we can know much about new programming languages in this next year, from experimenting with them this year.



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