5 Key Principles For Choosing Colors For Your Mobile App Design

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3 min readDec 8, 2021
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Every year brings new color trends for mobile app design. Therefore, we frequently see standardized color schemes among mobile apps appearing simultaneously. It is vital to concentrate on the colors you choose for your app design because they will affect people’s moods, behaviors, and stress levels to promote or deteriorate your brand message.

However, it is often difficult to decide on a color scheme that works well for your app design because there are several possible color combinations out there. In this article, we will elaborate on some key principles to choose the right colors for your mobile app design. So, stick with us and get to know about them! Moreover, you can also get in touch with an Expert App Developer in Dubai to get help to choose the right color scheme for your mobile app.

5 Key Principles For Choosing Colors For Your Mobile App Design:

Starting with the basics as they serve as a good foundation for building your mobile app. But, when it comes to colors, the most important thing is the basic management UI category based on where you should distribute your color palettes. You can easily achieve perfect balance in the visual category by using the right type of color, contrast, and brightness.

Hence, below are some five principles that you should follow to select the right colors for your app design:

1. Use Of Monochromatic And Analogous Color Schemes:

Monochromatic color schemes are simple as they use only one base color. Green and blue monochromatic color schemes are preferred since they create a comforting effect for the eye.

On the other hand, an analogous color scheme is a traditional color scheme in which colors are placed in contrast to each other. One color is prevailing, while the other is enriched in the scheme.

2. The Trend of High-Contrast, Complementary Gradients:

It is a slightly different approach to the color trend of high brightness. The only difference here is the use of a different type of gradient. Generally, gradients of the corresponding color. But, the only difference here is the use of high brightness color in the gradient.

A mobile app with high-quality content filtering often needs to make portions of the content different. The main part is where the users enter the content, for example; color grading used in the communication app.

3. Minimal Color Usage With Focused Palettes:

Minimal color usage with focused palettes is the trending scheme for designing a mobile app. It gives a visual division between associated and active elements.

Simple designs attract users. This is why you should apply a minimal color scheme, but you should not overuse the colors. Another benefit of the usage of this scheme is that it does not slow down your mobile app.

4. Check The Colors Your Competitors Use Within The App Stores:

A great competition check is always good before going any further with your color scheme. It is not copying the plan. Instead, consider it as a chance to learn about the trends and cultures that follow a particular industry. Competitive analysis is the key to choosing your color and standing out from the rest.

5. Choose The Color That Invokes The Specified Emotion:

There are billions of colors in our world, and proper use is essential to achieve the success of your mobile app. As each color means a different feeling, it is important to choose a color that best matches the emotions you want to evoke in your audience.

The right color palette for your mobile app will put you in the right mood, either knowingly or unknowingly. For many people, yellow symbols are for happiness, orange for pleasure, red for speed and power, blue for hope and opportunity, and green for wealth.

The Final Words:

The bottom line is that communication about the color selection for your mobile app design may seem absurd, but it is a way for us to make an impact on the level of understanding. Keep these principles in mind and create a mobile app by choosing the right color scheme. Nevertheless, if you are trying to come up with a definite mobile app color choice, you should hire a skillful mobile App Developer Mister Saad.



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