5 Reasons Why Native Apps Are Better Than Hybrid Apps

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3 min readJun 27, 2019

There are so many companies and platforms that are offering mobile app development according to your time, cost and other factors. Fundamentally, there are 2 types of app in which one is the native app and the other one is a hybrid app. Those people who need a quality app, in the long run, would like to consider native app rather they opt for hybrid apps. However, a lot of people are using the hybrid app systems and operation because it is built for the various platform through a single code.
Why consider a native app? Here are some reasons that you should consider if you are thinking to develop a mobile application for games or business purpose.

1. Single code for a single platform
The native mobile app has the advantage that it only uses a single code like they use swift for iOS and Java for Android and .Net for Windows phones. Every platform has different codes in the native app which makes the quality and functions of the app more versatile and flexible and works really well because a single code for a single platform works only for that platform. The more the users using a hybrid type mobile app development the more complex it will get and need more maintenance regularly. The apps which are developed using a native app development type run more smoothly on a device as compared to the hybrid app type which is running on different platforms using the same code for every platform.

2. Device features
In a native app, the app is fast enough to use the device features like location, camera, and microphone because it is solely built for a single device and has the best working efficiency for a single platform. Users are much happier using an app that has a good grip utilizing their device features like camera etc. while a hybrid app is perfect for such a feature’s utilization for multiple platforms.

3. Speed of the app
The speed of the native app is more efficient than a hybrid app as a hybrid app is a browser in a native app. As the apps are displayed in a web view form which also makes the native apps superior to hybrid apps.

4. App development type
It is also important to know before you develop an application, for what function you are creating an app. It is best to develop a native app if you are thinking to create a social networking application, messenger, games application because these app require GPS etc.which can be easily adopted by native apps while if you want to develop an app like dictionary or for a newspaper, you can go with hybrid app as the feature of devices would not be a required parameter to acquire in this type of application.

5. Maintenance and offline functioning
The maintenance of native app is less as compared to hybrid apps as it is working on different platforms using a single code which makes the operating system of that hybrid application type loaded, lower speed and inefficient because it does not have a particular code for their specific application on a single platform. So, it requires more time for maintenance. Native apps are developed with languages for a specific platform which helps in less maintenance of that application. However, it also requires the fixing of an issue.

Offline functioning is one of the most important and main characteristics of a native app. The apps can work in an offline mode as well like games etc. you can use them without internet as it has been built to work in such a way that it can perform offline functions while hybrid apps cannot be used without internet it requires internet services to run its files through an online server. So, a native app is the best option to develop if you want your application to work in an offline mode as well.

The best is to choose the native app development system because it has fast speed and runs smoothly on a single platform which makes the quality of the application better than the hybrid app system. They can easily access the mobile features without the complexity of native plugins in contrast to the hybrid app. Choose wisely before building an application for your venture.



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