7 Google Tools To Use While Conducting Keyword Research

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4 min readSep 11, 2020
Keyword Research Tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely affected consumer’s behavior. Keywords have now become more vital to recognize the ongoing shifts and alterations in consumers’ objectives.

Although almost all professionals, providing SEO Services in Dubai, have used Google Search Console and have a complete insight into the keyword search tools that have helped them previously, it’s time to think out of that box.

It’s time to take advantage of new resources and use some additional tools to double-check your suppositions.

This is why, below in this article, we are going to discuss seven Google tools that you can reach for when conducting keyword research for your website. So, have a look at them and try getting benefits from them!

1. Rising Retail Categories:

This tool was launched in May 2020 by Think with Google for our understanding of:

· Rapidly growing retail categories in Google Search

· Their location off growth

· Questions related to them

This tool can provide you with data for the top trending categories:

· Year over year

· Month over month

· Week over week

Now, it’s up to you to mark the first course and become a hero.

2. Coronavirus Search Trends:

Google launched Coronavirus Search Trends in March 2020. There was a spike in search interest for coronavirus, from late February till early March.

After that, it gradually lost its peak, and now, it is above the topics of music and sports, equals the topic news but below the topic, weather.

3. The Economy And COVID-19:

This section of Coronavirus Search Trends is recently added, and it focuses on The Economy of countries and COVID-19.

You can find about:

· How this pandemic has affected searches around the world’s economy?

· How are they comparable to the past searches?

· Increase search interest in terms like recession, food banks, unemployment benefits, food stamps, and mortgage tolerance.

· The search interest in terms like bankruptcy, debt, and inability to pay rent is located on the map of many countries.

4. Shopping Insights:

Although Shopping Insights was launched by Google in October 2015, it is still a lifesaver in this extraordinary unsettled time. It lets you:

· Find the course of products competing in your industry.

· See how your clients or company accumulate against competitors.

· Stay up and updated to every minute on the trends and needs of shoppers in their industry.

How does Google provide this insight?

The Daily Search Data for 45,000+ brands, 55,000+ products, and approximately 5,000 categories in the U.S alone make Shopping Insight that gives you a better understanding of online shopping intents of customers. It helps you make informed decisions about your offline and online channels.

5. Google Surveys:

Google Consumer Surveys was launched in March 2012 and renamed in October 2016 as Google Surveys.

It is a market research tool that collects data from survey queries that you write. These queries are answered by web users to access high-quality content of the Google Display Network.

These answers are then collected and examined by Google through an uncomplicated online interface. And then, the content publishers receive money when their users reply to the queries.

6. Market Finder:

Market Finder was launched in November 2017. It has revolutionized the navigation of ‘new normal’ for clients.

Enter your desired categories into Market Finder, and you will get the regions offering the best advancement opportunities for the submitted categories.

7. Google Trends:

This is the oldest tool in our list as it was launched in May 2005. Google Trends shows the comparative popularity of any search query. It helps you identify seasonal trends. You can then create the right content at precisely the right time.

During this difficult time, you can identify relevant topics and then make the most out of them.

Plan your content calendar with the help of Google Trends data. Find new keywords ideas with the use of ‘related queries’ and stay ahead among your industry. Identify the cities and regions in need of your services or products.

The Final Thoughts:

Always remember that a crisis is not only about the threat but also about new opportunities both for you and your audience. Using the same old tools will do no good to your business. Therefore, it’s time to probe into the Google tools mentioned above.

The better your keyword research, the more laser-targeted you can get with your SEO strategy. Hire a well-reputed SEO company (Adweb Studio) and bounce back with a bang. Hopefully, these tools will help you with conducting keyword research.



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