7 Latest Testing Techniques to Improve Website Customer Experience

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3 min readOct 27, 2019

Website and customer experience are the most complex task, especially at the beginning of the processes. You roll out the product, but the engagement rates cannot meet your goals or even worst. The most anxious thing is you don’t know the reason.

Well, professionals like a Web Developer in NYC recommend the solution to this problem that is careful testing. Any product, whether it’s a website or a service, you must check/verify it. For this, you have to implement the following:

  • Track your key performances
  • Gather feedback of the product consumers

According to an NYC Web Developer, pessimistic reviews from your clients are more significant than the positive ones. If you’re not getting the negative feedback, you will not meet your customer requirements. Consequently, your website will not get long term success.

In this article, you will learn some tips on how to test, measure, & improve the web customer experience.

1) Make the Collection Process of UX Feedback Easy:

The secret to getting extensive feedback is making it easier for clients to react. Send emails with different survey questions and wait for a user response, please do not do that. Keep it smooth. Gather customer experience feedback straight from your website In-the-moment. It will give you more fruitful outcomes.

Furthermore, use valuable tools that need an intuitive click of a web user to express their opinion. In this way, users do not have to type & wait to load the survey questions.

2) Use a Separate Chat Section for Queries:

If you want to engage users on your website at the time of asking queries, do not do that. At that time, they want the answers to their questions right at the moment. When users find you as lazy, they will find other websites to help with their queries.

Therefore, you must have to create a separate chatbox. You can use a Chatbot with live chat for efficient UX.

Screenshots interaction client support can make your UX personal & unique.

3) Correct Difficulties Before They Happen:

When we were building our product, you needed to enable firms to generate excellent client experiences and make customers happy. So, solve all the issues of web users before their existence.

You can shape your client outreach and personalize it. Be proactive. It enables you to remain in control of the UX at all times.

4) Make Your Web Usability Perfect For Mobile Devices:

There is around 63 percent of mobile device users, while 37% of users use the desktop. It means mobile phones are on the top in the context of internet searching. Furthermore, more than half of potential clients visit your site via mobile devices.

So, there is a possibility of reducing the rate in UX and conversion chances. It will happen when you do not create a mobile-friendly website.

Thus, test the mobile-centric usability of your site in a simple manner. For this, you have to upload some testing detectors that examine how your website looks and functions.

You can use the following free test for in-depth testing and diagnostics:

  • Google mobile-centric test tell you the outlook of the website on mobile and which content is not load on mobiles
  • Google page speed insight analysis the mobile-friendliness of your site

5) Make People Popular:

Highlight a potential user in your community with their permission in a public way. Most people want to be famous. It may turn them into a brand ambassador and long term client. It also can attract other users on your website. It can create a sense of community. Consequently, you can get more new users.

6) Lead Web Users Down Memory Lane:

Content, product, or relevant information compels visitors to revisit your site. It also shows the efficient performance of your website. Highlight former shopping or interactions so that users can use your website without any doubt. When you do this, it will make your web users feel valued and appreciated.

7) Fix Your Inefficient Signup Form:

Sign up forms are the first things that users see during their first visit on your product page. The long-form can compel potential users on other websites. Even you cannot get the chance to explain your product.

Re-evaluate your forms ideally with the help of fresh and existing users. Improve your web UX with the help of feedback.



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