A Quick Guide To Add A Chatbot To Your Android App

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3 min readJun 25, 2020
Chatbots in Mobile Apps

Chatbots are useful for everything, from ordering your favorite dress online to knowing about your bank balance. In customer services, there are now chatbots instead of people. A chatbot will reply in the best way to your inquiries if you give a message or speak something. Such as, if you order food via a call with a chatbot, it will tell you the delivery time and the total amount of your bill.

Moreover, chatbots also inform about the registered customers of business and ongoing sales and offers. Nowadays, every famous brand has its personalized chatbots. Like, Starbucks and Pizza Hut are becoming popular as they are using the latest technology of artificial intelligence.

The main task of a chatbot is to serve or market a brand on the shoulders of artificial intelligence. Using chatbots is a fantastic convenience for business owners, so they can Hire a Seasoned Mobile App Development Company in Dubai to create flawless chatbots for their apps.

The Relationship Between Mobiles And Chatbots:

There is no doubt that these days, mobile applications are easier and more fun to use. Hence, if a chatbot is introduced in a mobile app, it will make the whole user experience amazing and fun.

The addition of a chatbot can happen in any part of the app. For example, if a user has a complaint about the billing of an app, they can talk to the bot, and it will provide the user with appropriate answers to clarify any doubts.

Thus, we can say that using a chatbot in apps not only provides users with excellent convenience but also helps app owners boost their business sales and profits.

How Does A Chatbot Work In Android Apps?

After all the praising of a chatbot, we will discuss below how it works in android apps.

The ideal working of a chatbot depends on the chatbot capability and the understanding of what a user is trying to convey. Companies make their chatbots capable of picking up keywords in the sentence, which is said or written by the user to answer accordingly.

For instance, if someone wants to report a stolen credit card to their bank, they write ‘My credit card is stolen,’ the chatbot will pick up ‘credit card’ and ‘stolen’ from the sentence. After analyzing these words, it will either report the theft itself or connect the user to a customer representative.

Analyzing The Conversation:

The database of chatbots is continuously upgrading with new words and queries. This is how it can generate relevant results and answers.

Responding To Users:

To provide an appropriate answer to the user, chatbots scan thousands of data systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Google, and SAP, etc. in a matter of seconds, and then, deliver the right answer.

Follow These Steps For Adding A Chatbot To Android Apps:

The process of adding a chatbot to an android app is very straightforward, which is discussed below:

  • The first step to add a chatbot to an android app is to create an agent on either Kommunicate or Dialogflow. Open one of them and fill the required fields, like time and language, and then save it. After that, you need to train your chatbot according to your business.
  • The Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase UI are considered the best options to build a chatbot. The Firebase Realtime database saves all the chats among users and chatbots. Firebase UI can create a UI for chatbots.
  • Next, to show messages in simple UI, the tool of Recyclerview is useful.
  • The Presenter handles all the messages which are sent by the user. Then, the messages are delivered to firebase, and after this, Dialogflow turns on. For this, the tool of Kotlin Coroutines is useful.
  • Finally, set the activity for conversation by every user. Once it is done, a chatbot is prepared. Test your bot, make small talk with it, and know how it works or how much work is required by the chatbot.

In A Nutshell:

In our current age, chatbots have become a necessity for online businesses. More than 70% of companies have chatbots instead of human customer representatives because people prefer to talk to them.

Since chatbots are gaining such popularity, it is fair to ask the Best Android App Development Company to make a fully functional chatbot for your android application.



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