An Insight On How Sofa Cleaning Companies Work

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3 min readMay 20, 2020

The most commonplace in your home is a lounge where you spend most of the time of your day. The sofa is the main part of the furniture which is mostly used in that place. It should be comfortable and clean so that it will be a source of relaxation and visually appealing. This way, it contributes a lot to the interior of the house.

As the weather of Dubai is dusty, so the sofas become dirty easily. It becomes essential to do regular cleaning to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to avoid any health issues. Hence, the importance of Best Cleaning Services Dubai can’t be denied.

It is always great to hire some professional services to ensure the deep cleaning of your sofas with a professional approach. These cleaning companies prefer using the right products, chemicals, and equipment to provide you with the best results.

They promise to offer you efficient and affordable sofa cleaning services with a fully committed team of trained and specialized cleaners. They have expertise in cleaning, shampooing, sanitizing, and removing stains from your sofas to make their look cleaner and fresher, without damaging their original color, appearance, or texture.

How Do They Work?

Let’s have a look at the working methods and techniques of these cleaning companies. It will give you a better understanding of how things work when you hire a professional cleaning service. They generally follow a few strict steps to ensure thorough cleaning of your furniture.

Step 1- Basic Information Collection:

First of all, when you hire a professional agency, their team will come to inquire about the details of your sofa. Once you call them, one of their team members will come to your home and take all the necessary information about the sofa which has to be cleaned.

The details consist of the number of seats, the recent condition of the sofa, the sort of dirt, and the number of stains on the sofa’s surface, etc.

Step 2- The On Spot Survey:

So, the team member comes to your home, and after getting initial details, he will inquire about the intensity of dirt and stains on the sofa. He will also determine the sofa’s fabric so that he can choose the right equipment, chemicals, and techniques for cleaning the sofa.

Step 3- Pre-Cleaning:

The cleaner first conducts a pre-cleaning service to remove dust, sand, or any other dirt traces present on the surface. Normally, they prefer using a lint roller to get rid of lint or pet hair, which a vacuum cleaner can’t eliminate. While for removing spots and stains, special chemical agents are used.

Step 4- Sofa Shampooing:

After vacuuming, the cleaner will use a professional shampooing machine which removes remaining dirt and dust without affecting the color and thus maintain the fabric quality.

The cleaner applies the shampoo mixed with water at the normal temperature on the surface. This mixture penetrates deep into the fabric so that it can work efficiently with any grease, oil, or dirt. Then, in the end, the shampoo will be extracted with the help of a machine.

Step 5- Final Cleaning With Brush:

The areas where the machine can’t reach are cleaned with the help of a brush, especially a sofa’s backside. Such difficult areas are cleaned manually with a cleaning brush. This way, your sofas can be thoroughly cleaned without any hassle.

Sofa Shampooing Vs. Steaming- Which Is Better?

There are two techniques for sofa cleaning- one is shampooing and the other one is steaming techniques. However, in Dubai, sofa shampooing is a more useful sofa cleaning technique as compared to steaming.

Customer feedback is satisfactory on sofa shampooing. The color and fabric of the sofa remain maintained with this process.

Overall Verdict:

If you feel that your sofa is getting dusty and dirty and requires a deep cleaning, you should opt for a seasoned Dubai Cleaning Company to get the most reliable services. Only this way, you will not regret any money because you will get your sofas cleaned and well-maintained without any hassle.



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