Are Eating Disorder Recovery Apps Helpful?

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3 min readApr 26, 2020

Fitness has now become a trend. There are so many apps out there that encourage you to stay in shape. For the majority of the people, these apps are a great help. However, there are few for whom these apps turn out to be dangerous. These applications can be detrimental to the mental and physical health of those with eating disorders.

Their obsession with being fit would let them obsess over the number of calories they consume daily and they would find ways to restrict their calorie intake. One of the most tempting and satisfying ways is to stop eating altogether or to throw up whatever you eat. According to various surveys, fitness apps have been observed to contribute to eating disorders.

Hence, there are several apps developed by the App Developer Dubai community that helps people with an eating disorder to recover. Today, we are going to discuss how these apps do that. So, continue reading.

Why Are Eating Disorder Recovery Apps Helpful?

There are numerous reasons why eating disorder recovery apps help. Some of them include:

· They are designed on the principles of evidence-based-treatments.

· These apps support cognitive behavioral therapy.

· They let users self-monitor their progress.

· Such apps let users monitor their thoughts and feelings.

· Much effective approach as compared to paper monitoring.

How Do Eating Disorder Recovery Apps Help?

Since the majority of people keep their smartphones with them most of the time. The eating disorder recovery apps allow them to monitor their eating patterns in real-time that too with accuracy.

Even though both fitness and eating disorder recovery apps have trackers, the focus of each of them is different. While fitness apps track the steps, you take and the number of calories you consume, eating disorder recovery apps lets you monitor your thoughts and feelings associated with your eating habits.

If you want to recover from an eating disorder or want to recommend your client or friend an eating disorder recovery app, there are many features you need to look for. We will discuss these features in the section below.

Some Crucial Features To Look For In An Eating Disorder Recovery App:

Finding the right eating disorder recovery app can change your life for good. However, before installing one, you should be prepared and determined to get out of your situation and to stay consistent with the new habits you form.

Following are the features you need to look for in your eating disorder recovery health:

· Ability To Self-Monitor:

Apps that allow you to self-monitor your food consumption by counting the calories work exceptionally well for the patient suffering from an eating disorder.

Self-monitoring is a very important step in treating eating disorders. These apps don’t count your calorie intake because it promotes obsessive thinking.

· Fields For Behavior Logs:

Look for an app that comes with the fields that allow you to log your feelings, thought, and behavior. If you want to recover from an eating disorder, you need to understand your feelings and thought processes. Only then, you will be able to change your behavior and your perspective towards food.

Therefore, choose an app that has a field to log your emotions and behavior associated with eating.

· Coping Strategies And Motivation:

Look for an app that guides you on coping strategies and motivates you to improve your situation.

An eating disorder app should give you time to time suggestions on what you should try and offer you the support that you need in the form of motivational messages and more.

· Community:

Find an app that allows you to communicate with those who are in the same boat as you. people can benefit a lot with this feature. Patients can share their successful recovery journey with the other and motivate them to try to improve their health.

This way, people with the disorder will not feel alone as they will have people like them to support them on their journey towards better health.

Ending Up:

Dubai App Development community is working towards developing and improving the apps introduced to help people with eating disorders. These apps will let the patients improve their situation by helping them out with their self-monitoring features.



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