Are There Any Benefits Of Using Codepen For Web Development?

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4 min readSep 14, 2020
Codepen For Web Development

It will not be wrong to CodePen the playground for front-end Dubai Web Developer. It is one of the best option developers have today to test bugs, collaborate, and get inspired. This tool allows your develop pens. These pens can be defined as a set of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

These pens make it easy to get the audience’s feedback when displayed on your profile. They can be edited whenever it is needed. Similar to the majority of the live code playgrounds, this tool offers you an opportunity to work and get inspired within an open-source environment.

It displays a live code preview that enables developers to see when the changes are made in code. You can also embed your CodePen demos wherever you want on your website.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using CodePen for web development.

Benefits Of Using Codepen For Web Development:

There are various reasons why CodePen is the first choice for developers when it comes to web development. Some of these reasons include:

A Variety Of CSS Options:

Writing CSS is something every web developer loathes. Thankfully, with CodePen that’s no longer a problem. This tool makes it easier and faster for developers to write CSS. All they need to do is to select the radio button to include either of the below mentioned to your CSS:

· Normalize.Css

· Reset.Css

· Prefix-FreeAutoprefixer

This leaves no need for the developer to make time to link to an external file. However, if you want CSS offers this feature as well.

If you are new to web development and you are not familiar with some of the CSS techniques commonly used, you don’t need to fret. CodePen comes with a CSSLint to be integrated. It goes through your CSS code and looks for an error. It informs you if an error is found. It also warns you about poor browser support.

Supports Various Flavors Of HTML, CSS, And Javascript:

With CodePen, you can benefit from a variety of flavors of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Some of these flavors include:



· Markdown

· Slim

· Jade


· Sass

· SCSS (comes with optional Bourdon or Compass add-ons)

· Less

· Stylus


· CoffeeScript

· LiveScript

· jQuery

· AngularJS

Amazing Toolkits:

Codepen utilizes some of the most amazing and functional toolkits that pave the way for smoother and faster web development. Two of these toolkits include:

· Emmet

· Vim Binding

This makes sure that projects keep moving in the right direction. With CodePen editor, you get access to Vim Key Binding. These are keyboard shortcuts to the command-line. With both of these tools, CodePen enables the creation of a faster web development workflow.

Addition Of Tags And Collections:

You can integrate your pens with tags. This makes them easily searchable. You can look for inspiration by searching for tags like FORM or LOADER. This provides you with a long list of tags that you can use as an inspiration.

If you need it, you can create collections of pens associated with a specific topic. Even the co-founder of CodePen, Chris Coyier, has built his own collection of pens including “Repeating Patterns” and “Path Drawing”.

A Variety Of Pen Views:

CodePen offers its users a total of eight pen views. Each of these views has its one individual set of features. Some of these views include:

ü Editor View:

It is the default view that enables pen editing. All you need to do is to change the size of the code previewer. Now choose the language for the code to be displayed.

ü Details View:

This pen offers you a detailed preview including comment, tags, hearts, forked pens, and more of the pen. The majority of CodePen’s social features are a part of this view.

ü Full Page View:

This view offers a full-screen of the pen on an iframe. It only leaves the CodePen footer.

ü Debug View:

It too is a full-screen view however with a couple of extra features. This view enables easier access to the JavaScript console by removing the CodePen footer and iframe. You can use this view to test code that CodePen might be interfering with.


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