Augmented Reality App Development Considerable Important Points

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3 min readJun 28, 2019

Augmented Reality technology is a new aspect of mobile app technology. Viewed as an extension to existing technologies and anyone can utilize it who has smartphones and the devices with inbuilt video capability. Augmented Reality enables users or developers to overlay digital data on the elements of reality or the physical world.

Augmented reality can give a quick boost to any business. The AR technology is already taking over in many fields like Fashion, Retail, Finance, Defence, Entertainment, health care, Education and, Travel.

The AR technology is the most trending fashion and, almost every Mobile App Development Company is engaged to develop unique featured devices with AR technology.

There are two main types of AR apps, Location-based and market-based.

  • Location-based augmented reality apps

They utilize the features and capabilities of mobile apps devices to monitor the position or location. So these augmented reality apps provide contextual data based information on the specific location of an individual device. This is how AR technology helps in traveling and helps with directions in a particular city. Users can locate the car park in a particular location, etc.

  • Marker-based AR Apps

Maker based apps different from location-based apps in many ways. Number one, the marker-based AR apps operate by enabling the software to pinpoint accurate patterns, using the camera of the particular device which overlays digital information upon the real world. A QR code or brand symbol is the main example of this, whenever the camera points the particular object, it scans virtual UI on top of the object.

There are some important key points which a developer must consider before the developing process.

The developer must Choose SDK Carefully
In keeping the view of the types of the AR Applications as we have mentioned that they are of two types. Location-based AR mobile apps use GPS and other position sensors to locate the user to generate AR objects. Marker-based AR apps recognize the images. There is a wide range of the SDK development kits, so you need to choose it carefully.
Once you should decide the functionality and, what you expect from your AR app. choose your SDK kit which is most appropriate to create a sound AR technology app. In this regard, the functionality should be the core aspect to gain in results.

Determine the Right Platform
The platform is important to identify first, it is necessary for your chosen SDK to work properly. Check out the various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, or others, Their compatibility varies from single to multiple platforms.

Creating Credible Images
The important thing is to know the perspective of the user, then the realist and exclusiveness become relevant. There is unity compatible SDK for astounding images and graphics, the unity is a great game engine that is proficient in powering AR apps.

Authentic and intuitive UI/UX development
Due to the non-alignment of the images and graphics with the real-world objects, the authenticity of the UI/UX is on stake. Because it will result in poor user experience and difficult to use, the UI/UX is seamless if the AR app is simple and intuitive.

Integrate the Cloud
The marker-based AR mobile apps usually need an AR SDK that supports cloud recognition; it helps to save the space in mobile devices. So the biggest benefit is that they are accessible from anywhere. Through online connectivity, the user can use them and carry them into portable devices.

Incorporate the 3D modeling and tracking
3D images and graphics can give a better view to the user and, they can locate easily using 3D tracking. 3D modeling and tracking are approved by the top AR platforms to create 3D images. Overall with a combined GSP support and, smart glasses the developer can provide a better experience of the AR App to the users. There is a huge demand in every industry throughout the world, so here we have great potential to explore it more. Especially these days we can see AR trends in Emirates. Every Mobile App Development Company in Dubai is choosing the best tools to deliver more exclusive AR technology experience to the users.



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