Blogging And Video Content- Is It The Perfect Pair For SEO Success?

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4 min readJul 6, 2020
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You must follow many latest SEO trends if you want to make your SEO strategy more powerful and result-oriented. By following the new trends, not only do you will double your website’s traffic but also attain the topmost position in Google for your site.

However, there are several SEO trends that you can consider to follow. The usage of video content is one of the most popular trends that is followed by almost every SEO person. But, what about blogging and video content altogether? Is it the perfect pair for SEO success? The answer is pretty short, Yes. You can contact a Specialized Dubai SEO Company that will beneficially use these two SEO techniques for making your site’s SEO success.

The Impact Of Using Videos Content In Your Blog Posts:

Though blogging with images supports your SEO strategy, you will achieve your SEO goals quickly if you use video content in your blog posts. You can compute the value of using videos for blogging by understanding its benefits.

According to various studies, readers appreciate visual content. It is said that almost 1.8 million words of text communicate in a one-minute video. Moreover, 80% of people memorize those videos that they have seen earlier. It all clearly shows the impact of video content that it could have on your audience.

Some Ways Video Content Works With Blogging To Boost Your Site’s SEO.

Below are some best ways of using video content in blog posts, which will improve your website’s SEO:

1. Videos Count As Content Too:

The ranking in a search engine depends on the content you post. You can improve your site’s ranking by sharing exciting, engaging, and relevant content frequently. The content you post can either be written or in the form of a video because Videos are regarded as content by search engines.

Nevertheless, while grading webpages, search engines always judge your blogs through the media you have posted. Adding up videos to your blogs will ensure that readers stay there to watch over the entire video content. It will support your blog posts to stay at the top rankings on SERPs.

2. Keywords Utilization:

The higher in search and lower in competition keywords are the greatest option to target your audience. Content creators and bloggers often overlook this SEO principal when it comes to video content. For example, YouTube makes sure that your videos stay among high rankings on search engines by using some specific targeted keywords, resulting in more viewers and more access to your blog site.

But, the most crucial thing you need to ensure is to use a transcript or description, and tags if you want to optimize your videos for the search engines correctly. Remember that search engines can’t figure out what a video is about until you add a proper title, description, or adequate texts with it. This is why it is recommended to post videos along with your blog posts.

3. Maximizing Of Social Signals:

As the audience shares your site’s content on social media, search engines also recognize its importance. The result of such social signals means the acceleration of your content in the SERPs.

On social media, you always should promote video content by putting the catchy CTAs in captions or descriptions. Yes, it is a good practice as the audience might get entertained with your content and share it with others. It eventually results in the form of your improved site’s ranking.

4. Videos’ Optimization For The Sitemap:

When you optimize videos in your blog posts, Google sitemap’s search engine easily find and index them. A dynamic sitemap directs consumers to your blogs where videos are posted along with written content, instead of referring them to any other site.

You can also add keyword labels on your videos’ sitemap. Moreover, you can modify the metadata, as well as the rating, duration, view count, and age appropriateness if you optimize your video content for Google’s sitemap.

5. High-Quality Backlinks:

Videos are also an excellent way to get high-quality backlinks, like infographics. Good backlinks consistently upgrade your SEO strategy and direct consumers to your blog post. Search engines are likely to rank the websites higher with more backlinks than the sites that don’t have legitimate backlinks.

Consequently, to empower excellent backlinks, you should include links to your video content. Add your links as well in the content you draft for relevant blog posts. Also, you can share your links on different platforms to promote your content. These backlinks will increase your site’s ranking and visibility.

Ending Notes:

If you think that you should use video and blog together for your site, don’t wait! Get some help from The Best SEO Company in Dubai in this regard because they know how to use vlogging and blogging together for SEO success.



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