Common Web Development Mistakes You Must Know

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3 min readAug 14, 2019

Web development is one of the key factors that drive a business. Therefore, you need to be vigilant while hiring a web professional to develop your website. When it comes to web development the smallest error can wreak havoc on your business. Therefore, it’s very important for your hired web developer to create error-free websites that offer the ultimate convenience to your users. Hiring an unprofessional web developer for your business can ruin the reputation of your business. There are various common mistakes that web developers make that adversely affect your website. Whether you hire a full-time web developer or a Freelance Web Developer in NYC, make sure that he doesn’t make the common mistakes that unprofessional web developers usually make.

Common Mistakes Web Developers Make:

Web development mistakes, whether big or small can ruin the image of your brand. If your website doesn’t work properly, your clientele will suffer and abandon your website. That’s bad for your business. Therefore hire the web developer who is professional in his services and develop websites without any glitch. Some of the common mistakes that web developers make include:

1. Using Old School HTML Writing:

When it comes to web development, trends come and go. This field keeps on updating itself with time. The developers who rely on the old methods of HTML writing often lag behind. One of the biggest mistakes the web developers make these days is using old school HTML writing while working on their web development project.

During the early days of the internet, there weren’t a lot of options for markup. However, now we have so many. These options are so advanced that they make your website extremely functional for the users. We understand letting go of the old habits is hard. One of the common mistakes web developers make is to write HTML the old way.

Writing old school HTML complicates markup. As a result, the interface is not consistent across a variety of browsers. To offer a consistent interface across each of the browsers, you need to use the latest way of writing HTML.

2. Avoid Developing A Browser-Centric Site:

One of the biggest mistakes that web developers make is developing browser-centric websites. Sometimes the web developers are biased about a particular browser and sometimes they despise a certain browser. If your code runs fine on your favored browser, it doesn’t mean it will work fine on all browsers. Moreover, if the code samples are not written with factoring, they will not run in other browsers. To make sure that the website runs consistently on all browsers you need to keep in mind the different values and styles of each of the browsers.

When you develop a Browser-centric site, it offers a poor quality interface on other browsers.

3. Bloated Responses:

Another major mistake that web developers make is bloating the web page with images. No matter how high quality these images are, having a large number of images on one-page scales down the use of the img element. Its height and width attributes are affected greatly. The image files linked to the web page, for example, CSS and JavaScript are large. Moreover, using complex and unnecessary HTML markup will also overcrowd your webpage.

When this happens the webpage takes longer to load on some browsers. Users don’t like it when they have to wait for more than 2 seconds for the webpage to load. The often re-request the page to load. Majority of the times, when the page takes longer to load, errors occur.

To avoid this problem, make sure that you are only adding the graphics which are absolutely necessary. Optimize the size of the images on the website. Make sure to preload the images.

If you want your website to run smoothly and seamlessly, you need to hire the most professional Web Developers in NYC.


When it comes to web development, you need to be very meticulous in hiring full-time and freelance web developers in NYC. You need to make sure they don’t make such mistakes that lower the quality of the website and use the latest practices in web development that drive profitable outcomes.



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