Do You Want to Know The Reasons Why Your Website is Failing?

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3 min readAug 21, 2019

You want to be popular and successful with your company and your website, right? It may not sound as intimidating as it is to create an excellent website and web design. You should know that the overwhelming majority of websites fail before you first dive into website design and growth. Being a Web Designer Dubai, I am concerned with the progress and the hurdles my associated clients are facing.

Understanding why websites fail is more crucial than attempting to trace a successful one’s footsteps. Knowing what to prevent will instill a web design process that is proactive rather than reactive. Being a Freelance Web Developer Dubai, I have learned several tips and tricks with over a century of experience to create an experience that will generate a favorable ROI for your customers and company.

Reasons for website failure:

1. Spinning the wrong idea:

One of the most common mistakes that users will love your idea while developing a web design is thinking. Are you certain that your idea will solve a problem? Does this target the requirements of your customers? If your concept has potential, taking a step back and answering a few questions will assist you to define. These issues will place you on the correct track to build a successful website. You may end up with a beautifully designed and well-functioning product that people don’t need or want without doing the initial legwork of identifying your users and alternative solutions.

2. Inappropriate UX:

A significant element that many miss when constructing a website is offering an excellent user experience. If your website’s characteristics are not readily discoverable, your website will most likely be deleted by a user. Users should be able to rapidly find out the basics at the very least. Poor UX includes:

· Slow loading time

· Lengthy onboarding process

· Misguiding Visuals

· Cluttered UI

· Incomplete workflows

· Confused Content

· Unappealing Designs

Tackle these potential problems to mitigate the risk of failure and ensure you create intuitive user workflows that align with the core goal of the web design. Making the customer interact smoothly with the website will improve user engagement.

3. Wrong Platform:

The website must be suitable for the platform on which it is. You’re going to want the best of both worlds as a product owner! You may be put to the concept of developing a website for each platform, but the budget debate typically follows that. Dubai Web Designer will need to determine the suitable project strategy based on the characteristics, required designs, and website and web designing goals. The designer must determine whether the website will be responsive to the varying technical trends in this era.

4. Inadequate Debugging:

Dubai Web Design strongly suggests implementing QA testing throughout the entire software development lifecycle to avoid your website from constantly crashing owing to bugs. Take the extra time before you deploy a fresh update or introduce fresh characteristics to test against bugs. Getting your web design to the market faster but full of bugs don’t matter to your company or customers.

Without bug testing, your website is likely to crash frequently, resulting in bad user experience and eventually a higher churn rate. If users have an unsatisfactory experience during their launch, even when the bugs are fixed, they probably won’t return. Before the website is presented to the final user, testing should, therefore, be performed.

5. Overlooking User Feedback:

Users are your source of reality and priority number one. Instead of concentrating on more downloads, concentrate on your users ‘ issues or frustrations. Listen to your feedback and improve your website. Show your customers that they care about you and that over time you will experience organic growth.


To sum up, you need to evaluate and evaluate web design efficiency over time to generate a good 5-star rated website. Understand the main metrics and adjust to your website or marketing strategy to ensure that you achieve your objectives.

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