Factors That Slow The Speed Of Your Website And Ways You May Improve Them

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3 min readJan 3, 2023
improve website speed
improve website speed

According to the market, conversion rates drop significantly when a website’s loading speed increases. The conversion rate decreases by 80% when the page loading time is increased from one second to four seconds, according to statistics.

Factors Slowing Down Your Website’s Speed Internet Speed

The speed at which a webpage loads is directly influenced by your internet connection. No matter how well-optimized a website is, it will just take longer if you are still using dial-up. Although DSL isn’t quite as fast as cable, it is faster than dial-up. Additionally, despite its speed, a fiber optic connection cannot compete with a cable connection.


The server your web host chooses to host your website on can significantly affect how quickly visitors can access it. Everyone will experience a slowdown in everything if the server does not have enough resources.

Sizes and Kinds of Records

As a general rule, the higher your record sizes are and the more documents you have on a site, the more it will take for the program to stack. Although faster connection speeds have made it possible to load larger files in less time, optimizing your files as much as possible is still necessary. Optimize the sizes and types of your images to make your files as small as possible.


Each of the plugins in the repository has its own unique set of capabilities and features. Some load assets for the front end, while others make database calls. Plugins that make a lot of database queries and load a lot of assets will slow down your load time. The user experience will suffer if multiple plugins go into the server with HTTP requests, but if done correctly, you won’t notice much of a difference in load time.


The speed with which pages load depends on the browser you’re using. Older browser versions may have trouble loading some files and code because of compatibility issues. If you don’t have your browser set to cache some things from websites you frequently visit, you might notice that some pages take longer to load.

Volume of Traffic

Each website receives a certain amount of bandwidth. This is the total amount of data transferred in a given time, typically a month. If your website gets a lot of traffic, that’s a good sign. However, if you don’t have a host that can handle it, you run the risk of not only having your website run slower but even going offline completely until either your plan is upgraded or your term is renewed.

How to Speed Up Your Website?

1. Reduce HTTP requests as much as possible

Because each of these things requires an HTTP request, the website will take longer to render the more on-page components there are. Web Designer Abu Dhabi is using the number of requests your site currently generates as a baseline is the first step in reducing them.

2. Joining Documents

This sum can be diminished by “minifying” and combining your documents. This reduces both the size of each file and the total number of files. This is especially important if you’re using a template-based website builder. These make developing a website simple, but they may result in clumsy code that significantly slows down your site.

3. Reduce server response time

One of the most important factors in how quickly your website loads is the time it takes for your DNS query.

A DNS lookup is the procedure of finding a specific DNS record. It’s like looking for a phone number in a phone book on your computer.

4. Image Size

Image sizes should be reduced because they can have a big effect on how well your website works. Because they are frequently large files, page loads may be sluggish.

One of the easiest ways to reduce image file sizes is to crop your photos to the right size. Resize a picture, for instance, so that it has the desired width of 570 pixels.

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