Follow These 6 Banner Ad Design Tips To Boost Your Sales

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3 min readDec 27, 2020
Banner Ad Design Tips

Banner Ads are supposed to be a pillar of online marketing. If a banner ad is well-designed and attractive enough, you will receive massive traffic to your website. If not, it may be ignored in a very worst way. But you should never do this.

Keep in mind that getting traffic and acquiring new customers help you boost your business sales. Therefore, below, in this article, we are going to share some of the best tips that you should consider while designing a banner ad. These will surely be helpful for you to increase your sales. However, to design a banner ad, you can hire a pro Web Designer Dubai.

6 Banner Ad Design Tips To Boost Your Sales:

Now, let us discuss these six tips for creating a successful banner ad design:

1. Consider The Right Size Of Banner Ad:

Size matters when creating a banner ad. As you have to catch the attention of customers, so opt for a standard way. Hence, Google Adsense lists down some accurate sizes of banners that perform well for making a successful ad for your website. The sizes are listed down below.

· 320x100- Large banner for mobile

· 300x600- It is called “Half Page”

· 300x250-The “Rectangle medium banner”

· 728x90- “Leaderboard Ad Banner”

· 336x280- “Large Banner Rectangle”

You can select any size for making a perfect banner ad for your website!

2. Look At The Selection Of Colors:

There are no restrictions on choosing any color; it totally depends on you what you choose. However, the two things which matter the most are; do the colors situate with a brand identity? And does one color go well with another one?

To find the answer to the first question, look at the style sheet of your brand. Many brands do have a signature color, and they only use one color as their brand identity. The answer to the second question is, never clash colors. You can use the color wheel for this. For selecting colors, you can also learn color psychology that can help in that matter. Colors will gain the attention of customers and play a vital role in the success of your content.

3. Create A Compelling Ad Banner Design:

Balancing both design and the message is a sign of an effective ad banner. There are three necessary modules you must include in your banner ad:

· Logo:

A logo must be prominent and presentable to promote the brand. It should be smaller than the call to action.

· Value Proposition:

The value action is the most important and highlighted component of the brand. It offers the customers special prices or a proper description.

· Call to Action:

The call to action must be prominent and inviting. Such as, “Get Started or Try It Now.”

4. Create Appealing Banner Ad Content:

Your banner ad content should be clear and notable. The defined borders should not be confusing because they are critical in designing your banner ad as well as they need requirements.

5. Focus On The Loading Clock:

If the ad is big, the size of the file should be small because Google Adsense suggests making the ads below 150kb. You can also add a fallback image if you have used animations.

Fall back image is a changeless version of the ad which will appear when someone is trying to open the page with an inadequate network connection.

6. Do Proper Research On Audience:

Before making a banner ad, research some critical points that would help you to achieve your target. What your customers may like? Which tricks attract their attention? Who are your competitors? Etc.

Try to find out answers to these questions by yourself to make a perfect design of your banner ad. Make every possible try for gaining more customers by interacting with them through your banner ad.

To Sum Up!

Designing a banner ad for your website is tricky. It is just like a mind game that you play with the audience to interact with them or to promote your brand. There are a lot of things mentioned above that you should do for making a successful banner ad. Nevertheless, you can hire a pro web designer ( to get help in this regard.



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