Follow These 6 Typography Design Trends In 2021

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3 min readJan 27, 2021
Typography Design Trends

Typography is an essential element of every commercial design work. No piece of commercial work is complete without using typography. Whether you are designing logos, brochures, signboards, billboards, or websites, everything consists of text. But there is the strategic thought process behind the use of typography both physically and digitally.

Web Design Companies in Dubai use a specific font to showcase the concept behind their clients’ brands. So, if you are creating a website with the help of a design company, you need to make sure that they use the latest typography design trends to convey your brand’s strategy through it.

Below in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best typography design trends that you should follow to make your web design more engaging. Hence, before this, we will tell you what typography is.

What Is Typography?

Typography refers to the particular text style that is best suited to convey any brand message or concept. The primary purpose of typography is to make your text readable and visually appealing as well. With much advancement in the digital world, there are various types of fonts and styles are available. Professional web designers use different types of typography to bring life to the text.

Follow These 6 Typography Trends In 2021:

Here let us explain some of the best trends of typography to follow in 2021:

1. Hand-Drawn Fonts:

Hand-drawn fonts are making their comeback after a long time. Graphic designers are using these fonts to stand out. The use of hand-written fonts was restricted to specific businesses a few years ago.

But now, these fonts are also available online, and everyone can use these fonts. The fonts with bold lines and ragged edges are more used these days.

2. Serifs Are Again Popular:

Serifs are those fonts that have an extra stroke on the characters. They are mainly used to express the formal scenario, especially for businesses or government offices. Nowadays, these fonts are used by designers more frequently. Also, many website designers are using these fonts in web designing.

3. Outlining Of Fonts:

Another latest trend is to use fonts with an outline to make it look outstanding. These fonts are also used along with the filled lettering.

Sometimes, web designers also use oversized font sizes with outlining. This type of font is primarily used at the top of the website.

4. Color Fonts:

The use of color fonts is also observed these days, and this is the new trend for 2021. Web designers usually use color fonts to reflect any specific brand concept.

Moreover, many food companies can use these fonts to enhance their website look. It adds some extra visual effect to the web design.

5. Round And Simple Sans Serif:

In 2021, people are more inclined towards the use of simple and clean elements. The rounded sans serif typefaces are gaining popularity among graphic designers. They are flexible, versatile, and readable.

6. Animation Of Fonts:

Another trend of typography in 2021 is kinetic typography. It adds an element to your webpage and instantly catches up the user’s attention.

Many web designers have used fonts that have some movements. Using animated typography makes the design interactive.

7. Image Over Text:

The next trend is the image coming over the text. It creates an interesting visual effect. It is seen that many designers are using colorful images over the text.

This is a new trend to use images right next to the text; meanwhile, the viewer is watching the main letters on any webpage’s top side.

Conclusive Remarks:

The bottom line is that these are some of the typography trends that you should follow in 2021. Professional web designers are experimenting with new typography ideas to create unique web designs. You can choose any of these trends depending on your brand’s strategy and concept. Suppose you are a business owner or need to design any product with a unique use of typography. In that case, you should get help from a seasoned web design company ( to create your website using the best-suited typography.



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