How Can App Developers Evaluate & Advance the App Code Quality?

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3 min readMay 8, 2020

As the requirement of mobile app is increasing, the work for mobile app developers is becoming more challenging. With the mobile advent, the habit of using it be an integral part of the human life. The report of Dubai App Developer explains the reason behind this that is the people will download an app around or more than 258 billion per year by 2022.

Mobile apps are the source that can raise your revenue sky-high as it is an ideal supporter for human routine activities. For example:

ü Alarm app wakes you up in the morning

ü Messaging apps keep you tuned with society

ü Fitness app keep you fit & healthy

A full-fledged app can help lots of niches for their online wallets & e-hailing services.

App Developer in Dubai, the masters of app coding process with well-positioned quality says;

They believe that launching app is not their only job because without maintaining the coding quality, none of the app has meanings. You can merely make a sound app by evaluating and advancing the code superiority.

App Code Quality & Vital Considerations:

Don’t rush to showcase your app to the audience right after its full-fledged development. Before this, you must have to evaluate your app’s coding excellence. Do you know what I mean here? If no, please read on. It means, you have to find what type of codes you used in your app. Please check they are good or bad in quality.

For this judgment, you have a professional masters of coders & app developers. Knowing the code quality is highly vital as it indicates your app status. Thus, experts consider the following things for their decision-making.

v Does the app code is fulfilling its aim of creation?

v Is there a consistency in functions?

v Is it intuitive?

v Are they able to test?

v Have you documented them well for the future?

What Should You Check To Evaluate App Code Quality?

You can calculate the excellence of your app code by considering the following ones.

How Much Your App is Reliable?

Reliable codes help your app to be unsuccessful and save it from cyber invasions. Check the app reliability by scanning the following ones:

v Your code will be reliable when your project would be free from high priority bugs.

v Your app loading test must be positive.

v Keep your code constant even after redesigning your app

v Your app confirms its reliability when it works well in the market-like environment.

How Secure Your App Is?

Internet market is not save from the hackers that are always ready to steal your client’s private data or info on your app. Thus, to keep the app quality well-positioned, you have to diminish the app vulnerabilities that it encounters while coding process.

Maintenance & Testing Progress of Your App:

Your app’s coding quality confirms when the testing & maintenance progress of your app becomes positive with good scores.

You have to assess the following to evaluate the app code quality:

v Codebase architecture

v Codebase consistency

v Codebase complexity

You can’t measure the excellence of your app by pondering its maintainability alone. You have to make sure how your app’s testing progress is. For this, there are lots of warnings and series of complexity test are that help you in evaluating the code quality.

Also, the amount of error-full & error-free test cases assure you the quality of your app code.

How App Developers Can Boost The Code Quality?

Knowing the exact code quality status is not enough to keep your app timelessly successful. You have to strive hard for the advancement of entire codebase quality. You can do it well by obeying the following ones:

v Allow your developers to keep the coding standards constant. The app codes must be in place.

v Detecting & fixing the errors before their emergence is an ideal practice of app development or coding system. For implementing this, you have to wait for the code feedback.

v Have you ever thought what you will do if your app code excellence emerge as an inadequate model? If no, then, refactor them to subordinate their intricacy and advance their act.



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