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How Can Virtual Classroom Apps Resume Education During Pandemics Like Coronavirus?

Coronavirus pandemic has influenced every aspect of life, and that includes education. Schools have been shut down due to the risk posed by the deadly coronavirus virus. This what is causing the studies to suffer, and schools are lagging behind their academic calendar. However, various educational institutes have resorted to virtual learning to keep up with their academic schedule.

The field of app development has become so advanced that it has brought the classroom to your home. Now your child can learn and engage with his teacher and classmates online. Various schools have hired Mobile App Developer Dubai to create an exclusive app for their school whereas, other ones are using apps like Google classroom to make the online communication between the student and the teacher effective.

Some of the best tools that make it possible to conduct online classes include:

· WizIQ

· EZ talks Webinar

· Virtual Blackboard

· Eliademy

· Google Classroom

· Electa Live

· Blackboard Collaborate

Several benefits can be reaped by introducing virtual classrooms into the education systems. In this article, we are going to discuss some of those.

Ways virtual classroom apps can revolutionize the education sector:

There are various benefits that you can enjoy by turning to virtual classroom apps to conduct your class. Some of these benefits include:

· Paperless Classroom:

Virtual classroom apps create paperless classrooms for the students and teachers to interact in. These apps allow students to learn remotely from the comfort of their homes. This has helped a lot in reducing the risk of Coronavirus and its spread caused by human interaction.

Even though everyone is at home, it doesn’t mean that studies should be paused. Now, schools can conduct online classes using virtual classroom apps and continue with their academic plan.

· Instant Student And Teacher Collaboration:

The student and teacher don’t need to be in the same room to communicate. Virtual classroom apps allow teachers to reach out to the student even when they are not physically available.

This takes away the hassle of hiring a substitute teacher when the teacher cannot make it to the class. He can conduct an online class from wherever he is without any hassle.

· Easy To Turn In Online Assignments:

Teachers can assign assignments to the students with the help of virtual classroom apps, and students can turn them in easily with the help of drives such as Google drive. Teachers can easily grade the assignments and return them on time.

Virtual apps allow teachers to know whether or not the students have completed the assignment.

· Make It Easy For Ill And Disabled To Learn:

Virtual classroom apps make it easy for students with disabilities or chronic illness to learn from the comfort of their home.

They don’t need to step out of their homes and attend school in person. They can communicate with their teachers and classmates online over virtual classroom apps.

· Making Announcements:

virtual classroom apps make it easy for the teachers to communicate a message to every student in the class whether or not he is present.

These apps also allow the teachers to post comments on the assignments, students submit. The students can fix the issue and submit their assignments to be regraded.

o Access To Education In Remote Areas:

There are various areas in the world where children don’t have access to education. The coronavirus pandemic has made us realize that online classrooms can make education accessible for the people who live in remote areas.

They don’t need to commute miles to reach their school on time. As well, they can attend their classes over virtual classroom apps.

· Archiving A Class:

Virtual classroom apps make it easy for students to access old lectures to revise in a matter of clicks. You can archive a class using a virtual classroom app.

Students can access these classes before exams to revise their courses effectively.

The Final Thoughts:

Virtual classroom apps have proven to be exceptionally useful in keeping the classes going even when the entire world has quarantined. These apps have made it possible to conduct online classes during natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.

Hence, each Mobile App Development Dubai should try to improve the functionality of these apps to make them a permanent part of the education systems all across the world.



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