How Does SEO Work for Mobile Applications?

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3 min readJan 11, 2020

SEO is everything for everyone who uses the internet or has an online business presence. But what people don’t understand is that search optimization is equally as important for applications as it is for websites. If you think of it, it will all make sense to you.

When it comes to websites, SEO is imperative to rank high on Google. The same case is with mobile applications. SEO is essential for apps to rank high on the app store. In other words, App store optimization is what you need to work on if you have an application that you want to boost.

There are several Mobile App Development Riyadh that can quickly build a great application for you. But the real challenge is to boost that application and make people download it. Yes, you read that right, and after all, that’s what makes an app successful, right? The more people download and use your application, the more successful it’s considered.

App Store Optimization And What You Should Know:

No matter what your app is about and no matter how you got it developed, optimizing it for the app store search engine should be your top priority. You shouldn’t give up on this, especially if you don’t want your application to die.

We know the competition out there is quite severe, and there are thousands, in fact, millions of people waiting out there to get their applications on top. But that’s what the challenge is, and once you are successful with it, your app can do wonders for your business.

Here are some SEO ranking factors for apps that you should know about:

1. Keywords:

Just like for websites, you need keywords for your applications, too, and this is important. An excellent mobile app development company may help you with keyword research for your app to rank high. Or, if you want to do it all by yourself, you can use the Google keyword planner or some other third party ASO tool to find the right keywords for your application.

Once you do that, you then have to use those keywords in the description of your application and its title. Believe it or not, this can do wonders to your app and boost it like nothing ever before did.

2. Reviews And Rating:

The second most important ASO factors are your reviews and ratings. If your score is good, the app store search engines will automatically rank your app on top. But, if people don’t have beautiful things to say about it, you will lose the ranking game pretty badly.

By now, everyone knows that Google’s ranking factors depend a lot on what people have to say about a particular application. So, the second important thing is to work on your reviews and ratings and improve them as much as you can.

3. Quality Backlinks:

An SEO strategy without backlinks is just an effort that won’t produce any results. Just like keyword research is essential for ASO, quality backlinks are too. Thus, it would help if you didn’t overlook this factor no matter what. You can start by adding a link to your download page right from your site.

Other than this, try getting other media talking about you as much as you can. You need to understand that the domain strength is the golden key to success for your app here. Therefore, the stronger the quality of backlinks will be, the more Google will rank your app high, and that’s where all the magic lies.

4. Content

It’s the same for websites and applications! Quality content is imperative for your app, and this must be your focus, especially if you are struggling to bring your app on top.

The more engaging the content is, the more Google will love you, and the more you will rank high on the app store and Google search engines.


These are some of the main ASO ranking factors to focus on. Now hire any Mobile App Development Agency Riyadh and get an application developed. Once you are done, start working on its SEO and then see the results on your own.



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