How To Build A Microsite In An Easy Way?

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3 min readJan 3, 2021
Build A Microsite

A microsite is different from large websites. In simple words, microsites are designed to sell specific products and deliver a special clear message to the visitors about them. These sites are useful for building campaigns, launching products, and content marketing. A Professional Dubai Web Design company can easily build a microsite for successful marketing of the products. There are some simple and easy steps that web designers follow to make efficient microsites for businesses.

Therefore, if you are interested in creating a microsite for your business, you should know about it before going to a web designer. Below, in this article, we are going to discuss how to build a microsite easily. So, stay with us till the end!

Follow These 7 Steps To Build A Microsite:

Now, let us explain these steps in detail so that you can have a clear idea about creating a microsite:

1. Select Objectives For A Microsite:

First, you have to set an objective of why you are building a microsite? The reason for creating a microsite helps you to set a goal. You have to set the aim first; do you want to improve conversation with the audience or market your brand through interaction. Following some points can help you with a better understanding:

· Select the target of your visitors.

· Know their interests, desire, and behavior.

· The information you get will help to gain more traffic from your audience.

· The interest of the audience becomes the objective of your microsite.

2. Choose Your Domain Name:

Your microsite is not a part of your main website. So, avoid using brand recognition in your domain name when a visitor sees your microsite on Google. The best and catchy domain names are non-brand URLs that show what you want to communicate through your microsite. Purchase the domain quickly because thousands of domain names are selling every day.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO strategy is a must for a microsite like a regular website. The search engine optimization plan should be set to make the site top search. Your microsite must be different from your regular site because if the content of both the sites is similar, Google reduces your microsite’s value. If you want to rank your microsite in Google’s list, you have to follow a better SEO strategy by using relevant keywords.

4. Your Microsite Competitors:

Look at other microsites competitors to know what they are doing and how they design their sites, especially if you are new in this field. This is the most useful step when you decide to build a microsite.

5. Design Your Microsite:

Now, you have a clear image of a microsite’s objectives, SEO keywords, and competitors. It is time to design the site. Some factors you have to consider here are:

· How many pages do you want to use?

· What will be the navigation setting? Would you go for scroll-driven or traditional navigation or the mixture of both?

· Would you add a gamification element to your microsite?

· Where will you place the call to action?

· Do you want to add images, videos, or animations to your microsite?

Ask answers to all these questions by yourself and design a better microsite.

6. Create Content:

Content plays an important role. You can create content after done with the first step when you have decided the objectives of a microsite. Because creating a draft and then applying SEO or other elements makes it more perfect. Thus, after all these steps, you can create a final and furnish content to launch for your microsite.

7. Launch Your website:

Finally, the time has arrived to launch your website and unleash all your hard work. But there is a final step remaining, which is a promotion that can be added to this guide. Your microsite requires the same effort as your main website. There are many marketing sites that you can use to get traffic on a microsite, and then you are ready to go!

Ending Notes:

A microsite is a perfect tool for growing your business. It is a great idea to launch your new product and brand. If you are now ready to build such a website, contact a professional web design company ( Their expert web designer can easily create a microsite by following the above steps.



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