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How To Clean All Types Of Curtains?

Curtain Cleaning Dubai

Curtains can add just the right touch of light to a room whether it is your house, office, or even lounge. Particularly with all the variety out there, it is exciting to buy new curtains that match the colors of your walls. But where all of this is true, there is another fact that keeping these same curtains clean is a whole another level of hassle.

People out there don’t even know that there are different methods they have to apply to different materials of curtains. Yes, you read that, right! You can’t treat all the curtains the same way when you need to clean them. You have to use the right equipment on each type of curtain and the right cleaning agents too, and this is what a Curtain Cleaning Service Dubai can help with.

Cleaning Different Types Of Curtains:

If you don’t have time to invest in a curtain cleaning mission, it is better to hire a curtain cleaning company. These professional cleaners have years and years of experience, and they know about just the right products that are supposed to be used.

With professional care, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and cleanliness of your curtains as they will be there to handle it all for you.

1. Machine Washing Curtains:

If you have machine washing curtains, it is great because they are easy to clean. When you call a curtain cleaning cleaner, he will come and remove all the hardware first. Then, he will read the washing label of your curtain. The reason is that even with machine washing curtains, there are different treatment methods.

For example, some curtains are supposed to be washed in cold water. Some have to be washed inside a mesh bag, and some are supposed to be hand-washed. This is where you should be careful, and this is what the professional cleaners do when they are given the job of cleaning your curtains.

2. Drying Curtains:

For washable curtains, cleaning companies use the method of line drying. But some even opt for a clothes dryer which gives equally amazing results. You should know that over-drying curtains cause wrinkles and that is the last thing you want to see on your curtains.

Therefore, you should call a pro for this task. He will make sure that your curtains aren’t 100% dry. Not just drying is the hectic part of the job, but ironing the curtain, and then rehanging it also requires a lot of time and effort.

3. Dry Cleaning Curtains:

People often get confused when they have to clean a curtain that clearly states “dry clean only” on the care label. When you end up machine washing such curtains, you just put yourself and them at a huge risk.

Thus, it is always better to refer to a pro who knows how to deal with a dry cleaning curtain. A special chemical solvent is used in this method as there is little to no water involved in it. This is why it is the best thing to do.

4. Steam Cleaning Curtains:

For best results, what companies do is that the first machine wash the curtains and then they use steam to clean it. This is the most effective method that can work for you for a long time. At least, with steam cleaning, you won’t have to worry about getting your curtains cleaned again and again.

This method can prove to be extremely useful for you if done the right way. After steam cleaning, the curtains are then ironed properly and rehanged where they were before.


These are some of the best ways to clean all kinds of curtains. There is no rocket science in any of these methods, and they are easy to follow. It is just that to ensure that the quality of your curtains stays the same, you should invest in a Cleaning Company Dubai right away.

Yes, you do have to pay a small price for it. Indeed, you cannot keep things as clean as the professionals can. Especially if you’ve bought some expensive curtains and don’t want them to be spoiled for a long time, hiring a cleaner won’t hurt you or your pocket. Now, without waiting, look for a company and let them deal with this problem for you.



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