How to Combine Design Thinking and User Experience For The Best Outcome?

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A methodology is design thinking. It’s about implementing a particular way of thinking to solve the correct problem. There’s no problem-focused design mindset, its focused solution and action-oriented towards developing a preferred future.

I am a Freelance NYC Web Designer and have been working in this area for more than 10 years with over 300 plus projects for different companies and brands. Design thinking is centered on solution-based thinking rather than being driven by problems. To deliver the perfect result, it considers all aspects of the present and the future.

Key stages of Design Thinking:

As a freelance web designer in NYC, I have excelled in full-service of web designing and know the importance of Design Thinking:

1. Empathize:

The first phase is the discovery of everything. Instead of assuming you understand the solution from the beginning, it focuses on collecting the users ‘ most important studies and various views. By empathizing with customers, you can identify their requirements and issues to create the ideal item.

2. Defining the Problem:

After collecting all the data from phase one, you can now identify the correct issue you want to fix. Instead of defining it from a business or customer point of view, a user-centered view is needed to identify the issue. It enables the team to generate the features for the greatest possible experience by concentrating on how the user would describe the issue.

3. Brainstorming ideas:

The brainstorming starts with the specified issue. Your team will want to generate as many alternatives as possible to the issue at this point. By creating multiple ideas on how the problem can be solved, the team can cover all the users ‘ needs and wants. This is a chance to explore what is feasible, but also to base your ideas on what is most essential to the company and the final user.

4. Prototype:

The design team will produce multiple quick and low-level versions of the possible solutions, typically in wireframe, taking some of the best and most focused ideas from stage 3. This phase becomes experimental as the team attempts to fix the issue on hand in a multitude of ways. Through team debates and fast drawings and mock-ups, non-optimal solutions are often rapidly recognized. This process can be spread over several weeks and months or can be accomplished quickly in a design sprint: either method is used depending on the issue so solved.

5. Testing:

Once in the prototype phase, the right solutions are identified, a quick and iterative approach is taken and constantly tested to deliver the product that users want and deserve. User feedback is essential to generating the correct solution, so soon and often the key to developing a solution-focused design is getting a thoughtful prototype in front of target customers.

Design Thinking and User Experience one over the other:

Design Thinking is at the core of all the services of a web developer in NYC and web designer in NYC and creating effective, user-centered digital goods are essential. The key to solving a distinctive company issue is from original discovery through continuing maintenance and function creation, concentrated solution and action-oriented design.

The methodology of design thinking complements our user’s first UX strategy, which requires us to empathize with the user to assist us to define their issue and the best possible solution to their distinctive requirements. Because design thinking is concentrated on the solution, we make sure our solution is the correct one for the experience of your customers.

Why User Experience matters most?

Engaging interaction by proper UX design guides the user to the desired action covertly. The great design carries value through the experience of the customer and helps to guide those customers towards a brand objective. Even though UX may just be a layer of design to some, it’s the mediator between what you’re offering and the consumer. In all UX design, the most significant, overarching idea is that real people will use your website or app.


I see the incorporation of UX, design thinking and business strategy boil down to this easy issue: My Web Designer NYC enables a service to enhance the lives of someone and bring the value they deserve to the customer.



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