How To Create A Rounded Users’ Experience Through Your App Design?

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3 min readSep 11, 2020

While using an app, you must have come across various UI elements with rounded corners. You must also have wondered why the majority of the best UI designs have implemented this design trend into their apps. This type of app design trend is common no matter what the type of the app is. From cards to buttons, icons, and a variety of other UI components, rounded corners are quite prevalent.

So, if you are wondering if there is a particular reason why the majority of apps are switching to a rounded UI design, then you are right. Today, the rounded corner UI design has become an important part of the Mobile App Developer Dubai process. If you want to know why this article is for you. In this post, we are going to discuss what rounded UI design is. Why it is so popular? When and where to use a rounded UI app design? So, let’s get into the details.

What Is Rounded User Experience?

Rounded user experience in app design means rounding off the corners of the UI design elements used in an app. Many of these elements are sharp by default. Some of the commonly rounded off UI elements include:

· Cards

· Icons

· Button

· CTA (call to action)

To achieve a rounded corner, you need to use a border-radius. This means you need to mask off the rounded corners of a design element using a circle. This way, you can make it appear rounded. Rounded design elements somehow add a humane touch to any mobile app.

Why Go For Rounded User Experience?

When it comes to app design, rounded corners appear to be aesthetically appealing. However, that’s not the only reason for the popularity of this app design trend. There is a psychological theory that supports the effectivity of rounded corners in app design.

This relates to a classical conditioning principle. Our brain considers sharp objects a threat. It is conditioned to believe such objects are harmful to us. A real-life example could be when you are baby-proofing your house, you try to round up the sharp corners of your house. You cover the sharp corners of your glass table by covering them with rounded fittings.

The human brain is designed to attribute this conditioning to each of its experiences. Various feelings are associated with rounded corners, including:

· Safety

· Friendliness

· Approachability

Consequently, if you want your mobile app to have a human-centered design, it important to go for rounded design features rather than sharp and sleek elements.

When And Where To Use Rounded Components?

You can’t implement a rounded user experience anywhere you want. Sometimes, they don’t work in favor of your mobile application’s design. However, there are times when you can improve the usability of your mobile app by adding fully rounded components to it.

Following are some of the best places for you to add rounded corners or components in your app design:


When your app UI design is composed of grids, rounded corners will add a more human touch to it.

Creation Of A User-Friendly Interaction:

As mentioned above, our brain sees rounder objects as less of a threat as compared to sharp objects. Therefore, one of the best ways to create a more humane and user-friendly interaction, you need to go for a rounded app UI design.


Rounded corners work well when you have a limited space to work with. Design elements with rounder corners can easily be aligned together and they won’t appear as crammed as objects with sharp corners look on an app page.

Directing Attention Towards The Content:

Sharper objects appear more prominent in app design. Users find it hard to focus on the content that has been written within a sharp cornered dialogue box.

Thus, if you want your users to focus on the content rather than the UI component, then it’s better to use rounded design elements in your app’s design.

Conclusive Remarks:

Users find a rounded app experience more engaging as compared to a sleek and sharp one. It gives them more of a human-like feel. However, keep the needs of your app design in mind, while adding rounded elements to it. Hire a professional mobile app developer, Mister Saad for the effective implementation of rounded design elements.



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