How to develop an Android Mobile App?

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3 min readJun 24, 2019

Many people and beginners want to develop an app on their own. People who are new to programming, here is an article that will help you create a debugged version of an app for Android phones. These guidelines will help you develop an app through Android studios and run it. Then after the first on-screen page. You will make another to an interface that requires some user input and the second screen in the app is developed. But there are several things which should be taken into account before you start working on app development.

A fundamental concept in an android mobile app development

There are two basic concepts of app development for Android phone which you should know which are the following:
• Multiple entry points
• Adaptation to different devices

App multiple entry points

An app has a different user interface and activity is also considered a component of the app. There are various entry points in an android app, you can take the user by their tap on the icon of your icon to a different app or to something as directly to the notifications part. The app is still working at the back of you and does not close it properly. You can learn more about the App Fundamentals by going on the android website.

App Adapt to different devices

The second most important and fundamental is that you have to adjust the screen size for a particular mobile screen size. You have to check the layout is fitting into that device or not. If not, then change the feature of the device according to that particular device. Google stores require some standard features before your application is live on the Google stores. So, the adaptation to the different devices is a prime concept to incorporate into your app while developing. To learn more, check the device compatibility with your app on the android app development website.

How to develop an Android app

These are the steps in order to start working on the app development for the android user (note: this is for beginners). Before you start, make you have downloaded the latest version of the Android studio.

  1. On the welcome screen of the android studio, click on the new android studio project
    2. The next step is that to choose, your project window, select the empty activity. Then click next.
    3. In the configuration window, enter the following details according to the name of your app.
    • Name: “Your App name”
    • Package name: “com.example. yourappname”
    • Check the box to use the android artifacts
    • Change the project location if you want to
    • Leave the other options as it is
    Select the language you want to work on with for example Java from the language box.
    4. Click finish.
    5. After you complete the information, then the Android studio opens the IDE.
    6. Make sure the project file is opened and android is selected from the drop-down list. You can see the following files
    app > java >com.example.yourfirstapp>MainActivity
    this is the main activity, the entry point of your app which helps in running the app and launches the activity and loads the layout.
    • app > res > layout > activity_main.xml
    This file describes the layout for the activities and shows a text on which it is written: “hello world”.
  • app > manifests > AndroidManifest.xml
    This file describes the main characters and components of an app in detail.
    • Gradle Scripts >build.gradle
    You will see 2 files with this name but the first one is workable for you that is about your project “YourApp”. You have 2 modules but you are working on one currently. You have to compile it to build the app. For more information, check the configure your build
  • To run the app, you have to run the app on your PC.
    This is the easiest way to develop your app at home by using android websites. Just follow the steps given above keeping in mind that you have the latest version of the android studios installed on your PC. You can get a new app that you can further modify by going on the android studio websites. It has step by step guidelines.



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