How to Harmonize by Choosing Fonts on Your Website?

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Now that you understand how to choose your website’s correct fonts, you need to understand how to harmonize them. To maintain your website coherent and consistent with your graphic identity, it is very essential to thoroughly select fonts that fit well together. Not all combinations of the font will offer excellent readability to your website. That’s why with this font pairing guide we come to the rescue. Web Developer NYC has great knowledge on how to make your website attractive, appealing, eye-catchy by using vibrant and new color contrasts.

Harmonize fonts on your website:

Freelance Web Developer NYC helps you to figure out the best possible way to impress your user to visit the website more than once.

Contrast is essential:

You’ve likely heard the saying’ attract opposites.’ Well, when combining fonts, the same thing is true. There must be a contrast between the two fonts to have a decent mixture of the font. Make sure that you have a good distinction, as well as excellent readability, between your text levels for nice typography design. Some of the environments you can use to contrast your fonts are: bold, size or style.

Combine Serif and sans-serif font:

Choosing a serif font and combining it with a sans-serif is a mixture that always works well. It’s an easy blend in your website that could make a big difference. I recommend that you begin by selecting a comparatively easy sans serif font and apply it to your paragraph texts. Since their readability is ideal, no serif fonts are suggested for paragraphs. You can then choose good typography with serifs to apply to your titles.

Bold Contrast:

A second combination that usually performs well is to remain within the same family of font but to play with bold or italic. For example, all of your titles might be in bold, and the paragraphs might remain normal. This will guarantee that your text concentrations are well distinguished and maintain your design relatively straightforward.

Do not combine decorative fonts:

One combination to prevent is to mix a lot of character with two fonts. You will end up with too much visual noise in most instances that will give you an unattractive and unreadable outcome. Use it for your titles and choose a simpler font for the remainder of your document if you want to add a decorative font to your website. This will generate a nicer contrast and guarantee excellent text readability.

Grow your business:

Using the right font design with the right layout design can make your readers feel more comfortable, making them more likely to read your content material. This enables you to create confidence with your tourists (as they eat more material) and thus provides you a better opportunity to grow your company.

What fonts can be used on the web?

· Google Fonts:

Google fonts boast a stunning library of nearly 1000 free license fonts that can be browsed through their interactive web directory. Google Fonts are probably the simplest fonts to add to your site because of web Developer NYC and where I would recommend starting your search.

· Adobe Fonts:

Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) offers a+ 14,000 amazing fonts collection. The fresh and enhanced service now offers simple access to their entire font library for Creative Cloud subscribers by clicking a button. Unlike Typekit, Adobe Fonts has abolished page view limitations and made all of its fonts available for both desktop and internet use.

· Custom Fonts:

Font Squirrel is well known for its Font Identifier and Font Generator as well as providing a range of free fonts authorized for the business job. The NYC web developer enables you to convert any font you legally own to(.ttf or.otf file format) and transform it into a usable WebFont Kit with a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that is easy to use.

In most cases, you will need to edit the CSS on your website if you want to add a custom font that doesn’t exist within Google Fonts. Based on the website builder you decide to use, this method can be dramatically different.


To guarantee a coherent feel, rely on more classic combinations for your website. It will be appreciated by your readers! Hire me for the best propositions and cost-effective solutions.



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