How to Level Up Your Web Design With Web Animations?

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3 min readDec 18, 2019

One of the latest web design trends is that most of the Web Designer Dubai are hoping for web animations. Creatively designed web animation adds a significant appeal and fun touch to your website. It makes your website more users friendly. If you implement them properly, these animations can help you build a strong visual connection between your website visitors and the content being displayed on the screen.

If you want something much more than regular web design, this article is for you. We will discuss how you can boost your website with various types of web animations and where you can use them. If you want to know, continue reading this article.

Where to Use Web Animations?

Following are the elements you can display more effectively while using web animations:

1. Loading:

Nobody likes to wait. The websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load are often abandoned by the visitors. That doesn’t have to happen all the time. There is a great way for you to brighten up the wait for your website visitors. If your web page, video, maps, PDF files, tables, or other content are taking a little longer to load, you can add various animations to your website to make it appear as if the loading is taking place faster.

There are various ways through which you can create this illusion. You can add animations that jump or spin and disappear. The other options include shape-changing animations, short cartoons, progress bars, or skeleton screens.

These animations will engage the visitors and make sure that they don’t leave your website just because they have to wait.

2. Welcoming Animations:

When it comes to the first impression of the visitors about your website, it needs to be significant. You can engage your visitors from the start by adding creative greeting animations to your website.

Users find such animations entertaining and they want to come to your website over and over again. There are various types of greeting animations you can use to hook your website visitors. Some of these animations include:

· Particle Animations:

One of the most striking and eye-catching animations you can add to the homepage of your website is the particle animation. This animation has a relaxing effect on the minds of the users.

That’s because it offers light meditation. Particle animations can be of two types, interactive or non-interactive.

· Background Video:

Background videos are another great way to keep your visitors hooked while your website loads. You can incorporate a soundless background video that goes with the text in the center.

The video plays fast so that viewers can watch it multiple times. Such videos don’t just make users spend more time on your website. Sometimes they even draw them in.

· 3D Animations:

If want to create more complex and realistic visuals for your website, you need to add 3D animations to your website. One of the latest trends introduced recently is mixing 2D and 3D objects.

Such animations grab the attention of new visitors to your website and keep them engaged. 2D and 3D animations once merged to create a sophisticated and deeper experience for your target audience.

3. Scrolling:

User experience matters a lot these days. Having that said you need to add such web animations to your website that complements the interactive web design and provides users a sense of control.

When it comes to animated scrolling, there are various options to choose from. These options include scroll drawing, one-page scrolling, background changes, and a lot more. However, the principle behind each type of scrolling is the same; motion of animation when the user scrolls down the page.

4. Image Galleries:

If you want your users to see multiple images on one page, adding a carousel or a slideshow to the page is the best web animation option for you. The carousel will demonstrate every image one by one.

This practice will not just help your web designer to narrate your story effectively, but also help you to make the most of your website’s space.


Make the waiting time of your website visitors worthwhile by adding web animation to your web design Dubai. Hire a professional Freelance Web Designer Dubai for the best results.



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