How To Use Imagery To Add More Visual Appeal To Your Mobile App?

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3 min readJul 23, 2020

According to the famous saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The main goal behind launching a mobile app or a website is to capture the attention of the users. Powerful images are the best way to make that happen. They not only attract newer customers but also differentiate your products and services from those already available in the market. They are not just a design element that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the app.

Moreover, they can make or break the users’ experience your app offers. Before hiring a Freelance Mobile App Developer Dubai, make sure they know how to use images to add more appeal and functionality to your mobile app. Today, we are going to discuss how you can add more charm to your mobile app by using the right imagery. So, let’s get started.

Some Principles Of Using Images In The App Design:

No matter what your business is about, its app should never be boring. Whether you are selling electronics or spare parts for vehicles, your app needs to appeal to its audience. Using the right images can help you achieve the goals you have set for your business.

Following are the principles you need to keep in your mind to create the apps that appeal to your audience:

1. Always Use Relevant Imagery:

The audience often abandons apps that confuse users. Therefore, it’s still important to use related images in your apps’ design. Irrelevant photos do more harm than good to your business. No matter how aesthetically appealing they are, they would end up confusing the users who have come to your app to achieve a specific goal.

Believe it or not, irrelevant imagery in an app design conveys users the wrong message. That’s what makes it one of the most dangerous elements for your apps’ design. They make app users question the reliability and trustworthiness of your app.

Always rely on the images that have a secure connection with your app goals. You need to choose the ones which are relevant to the context of your app and your products and services. Make sure they provide users with specific information and make is immediate and easy for the users to comprehend it.

2. Use Images That Please The Users:

The purpose of launching an app is to help users with a problem or to communicate with them. However, it shouldn’t be designed to support these two aspects. It should instead be designed in a way that it excites, engages, and bring joy to the users.

You can use images to ensure your app does it all. Use the type of imagery that not only offers clarity to the users but also offers them delight. This move will make your app appear and function more human. You need to understand a good impression isn’t just about how your app function.

How your app looks and makes users feel equally matters? Use the type of images that add more personality to your mobile app. You can even make error screen fun by using the right pictures.

Create your mobile app in a way that lets users build an emotional connection with your application. It will add to the already satisfying customer experience your app is capable of delivering.

3. Never Overdo:

It is essential to choose the aesthetics that complement your apps’ usability. That’s the only way you can provide your app users with the ultimate user experience. Make sure the design elements are used in such a way that they offer both visceral appeal and functionality to the user.

It can be counterproductive if you put the majority of your focus on the imagery. If you overuse them, they may create a visual overkill. It will result in a meaningful engagement that will detract the users.

Creating visceral appeal through images has its value when it comes to app design. Hence, the overuse of images makes the rest of the app elements harder to use and see. Ensure that images are placed where they are necessary and not disrupting the functionality or flow of the app.

Ending Notes:

Hire an App Developer Dubai with a high level of aesthetic sense. That’s how you will be able to design apps that appeal to your target audience.



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