Java Or Kotlin- What Should You Choose For Android App Development

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3 min readFeb 7, 2021
Java Or Kotlin

When it comes to Android app development, there are many programming languages and each language has its specific reputation and demand. But when we talk about professional programming, Java and Kotlin are the two languages that are highly demanded creating Android apps.

So, it might be confusing for you what should you choose between these two while creating a mobile app. You can hire an Expert Dubai Mobile App Developer to get professional assistance in this regard. Moreover, below in this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both languages so that you can choose the one for developing your android app.

Comparison Between Java And Kotlin- What Should You Choose?

Now, let us explain the pros and cons of Java and Kotlin in detail so that you can have a clear understanding of both these top programming languages:


When it comes to java, it is an object-oriented based programming language that is suitable for Android apps in both semantics and syntactic terms.

Pros Of Java Language:

· The best advantages of this language are that it is easy to learn, user-friendly, and takes less time in coding.

Cons Of Java Language:

Some disadvantages of this language are mentioned below:

· The chances of bugs and errors are higher since when you write long codes.

· The android application design interface creates issues with Java because of its inherent characteristics.

· It consumes a huge memory and works slowly.

Kotlin (A Better Option):

The thing that makes this language more attractive and demandable as compared to Java is its open-source language programming feature which can be easily used in JavaScript and Java Virtual Machine. This language plays an important role especially if you want to develop high-level productive android applications.

Kotlin also supports parallel in running with Java and compile it to JavaScript mannerly. However, like the Java language, this programming language also has both advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Of Kotlin Language:

· KOTLIN is much faster than java. Thus, you can easily write codes without any fuss and that is why it is the app developer’s favorite language. Because of this point, beginner developers prefer to learn the Kotlin language instead of Java for Android app development.

· The second best thing about this language is that there are fewer chances of errors and bugs in this programming. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your codes are long or short.

· The third best thing about this language is that it is a much more user-friendly API android creation and also supports the frameworks of Java and Java Libraries.

· Kotlin also allows null use. On the other hand, Java doesn’t allow the usage of null. So, during the time of writing a code, app developers use this null factor in android as it represents the absence of value factor.

· For better coding and programming, this language also provides the Anko library. (Developers use this library in their difficult coding time).

Cons Of Kotlin Programming Language:

· The disadvantage of this language is learning. It requires an effort of learning because of its tough language syntax.

· The compilation speed of this Kotlin language is slow as compare to Java, but it is still enough to overpower the java language in multiple instances.

· Another drawback of Kotlin is the unavailability of language learning materials for beginners. Thus, if you are new, prepare for this that it takes a lot of passion and effort for learning this language.

In A Nutshell:

After reading the above discussion, we can say that Kotlin is a modern nature promising programming language and ideal for android app developers. It is also best for those who want to moderate their skills, widely adopted, and Google’s first official android application development language. So, if you are ready to build an app based on Kotlin, you can call a specialized mobile app developer, like Mister Saad.



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