Mobile UI Design- Consider Some Basic Types Of Screens

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4 min readOct 9, 2021
Mobile UI Design

In today’s world, a mobile phone is used for everything. From office work to buying home essentials, it has become a necessity. Mobile phones have attacked pretty much every action of our lives. We use various mobile applications in our mobile phones that help us and make our life simpler. When it comes to mobile app development, it is the work of an app designer or developer to design an app interface that will fulfill the users’ or customers’ needs.

The principal thing a user sees while using a mobile application is its interface. Thus, it is significant to have a satisfying mobile UI design to guarantee that the users stay close by and appreciate perusing the app. The job of the app UI designer is to make a UI that can address the users’ needs while conveying a charming and fulfilling user experience.

Mobile applications must be developed with changing users’ needs. Along these lines, app designers endeavor to add new functionalities consistently to satisfy users’ needs. One of them is the usage of the correct type of screens while designing an app UI. This is what we are going to discuss in this article below.

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Some Basic Types Of Screens For Mobile UI Design:

Following are some of the best types of screens that are used for mobile UI design:

1. Splash Screens:

Whenever the user opens your app, he notices how your app looks. You need to give a good impression as it is an important angle for having an effect on the user’s viewpoint and making a good picture of your mobile application.

At the point when the user experience is wonderful from the earliest point of interaction with an application, there are more possibilities that it will be better known among users or customers.

A splash screen is the main screen you see when you launch your mobile application. Typically, this screen design incorporates the logo of the organization, its name, or trademark set on the screen. The important elements of splash screens are tied in with marketing. This is the reason splash screens should be given the most extreme consideration.

2. Home Screen:

The home screen is the most fundamental piece of any mobile UI plan. Home screens are designed relying upon the sort of item and its motivation. But still, there are some key components normal for various types.

Home screens contrast starting with one application then onto the next, contingent upon the product. To make user interaction simpler, a mobile application equips a menu containing the rundown of potential bearings the user can move to inside a single tick.

3. Login Screen:

A login screen can assemble a connection with the users or drive them away. Most mobile applications expect users to make accounts and make a customized profile with some essential data and contact subtleties.

Login screens ought to be moderate and clear with the goal that users could access the application. Designers should have the option to see how things work on login and profile screens. Before you create a UI design of a profile, conduct surveys to know what your users want. Make log-in activities easy for users.

4. Onboarding Screen:

Onboarding screens assist users with finding out about the application, its navigation, and benefits, etc. It may demonstrate interest for new users to immediately and accurately think about how to discover their direction through a new application, especially if the interface is new to them.

The thought trending now for these kinds of app screens design is the enlivened onboarding that makes every one of the provisions understood and unmistakable.

5. Stats Screen:

Making great stats screen design can be a harder errand than it appears to be basic. Users dislike extreme data if it isn’t serving them.

The most reasonable methodology is to show the least details in an absorbable way. Designers need to ensure that it is feasible to see all the key data still the screen must be clear and easy to understand.

The Final Thoughts:

App UI design is important to consider while creating a mobile app. Hence, there are some of the basic types of screens of UI design that we have mentioned above. You must keep them in mind while creating the app UI design. Nevertheless, you must contact a trustworthy App Developer Dubai if you want to build an app with a great UI design.



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