Must-Ask Questions Before Designing the Website of a Client

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3 min readJan 26, 2020

Getting a new project for a creative web designer is always exciting. But as an agency or member of a team, you need to understand the client before you start working.

It’s a must-have to be creative, but without talking to your client, you can’t get an accurate idea of the best design.

Every Web Design Company Riyadh plans a meeting with the clients before starting up making mock-ups.

You must understand to invest time in understanding the client’s business and goals. You must follow the audience and shape the design accordingly.

As a client, you want your site perfectly fine with all the functionalities. But with a mediocre and unprofessional design team or maybe a freelancer, you might have to face a website that lacks the usability.

Here are some of the top questions that must ask your clients before you start working on their projects.

Describe Your Business?

Although you can search about the business online but discussing it with the client gives another aspect. Whether your client is a big company or a small business, hearing from them gives an idea of how to build the story throughout the design.

Try to find out about their plans and objects about their struggle, products, size, people, and values.

Do You Already Have A Website?

Make sure about the websites that your customer might already have. If they are here for the first website, then you should ask about their business goals.

Ask about the model of their business and how they want to interact with their client online.

What should you ask if the client already has a website?

Suppose your client has come to you for the first time but already has a website. You have a chance to ask about their previous sites and the issues the problems, if any. The previous websites can b a source of information fro you.

You can figure out their likes and dislikes in the web design.

It’s a chance to find out about their Google Analytics, find information about CMS, and various other things.

All the discussion gives an idea about their previous bad and enjoyable experiences. And you use this information to lay down a foundation of your design idea according to their choices.

How are you distinctive among your competitors?

After inquiring about their business and previous online experiences, ask about the competitors. Ask how they see themselves differently from others? What are the things that make their brand or products different? It would be best if you also did some research on this. Make sure your client has the best online display of their brand on their website. It should show the goals, rivals, new and existing customers.

Gather information about their content, services, cases, level of design exhibitions. Check the website’s speed and stability.

When you analyze these factors, you can easily design the site according to the competition.

Ask about the project’s scope.

It would be best if you had a clear understanding of your client’s final deadline and the budget they want to spend.

Make sure to have a working timeline and critical points. Understanding the deadline, organize your team or time accordingly. It helps to divide the project into smaller phases, organize the tasks.

The other aspect is budget, never get afraid of talking about money. Payments are crucial, and discussing them initially is vital.

Both the client and designer must discuss the prices and agree on them. Ensuring the prices earlier, you can guess about the resources you might spend on the design, and clients get an idea of how much they have to pay.

In the design planning budget estimate is critical when planning the level of design. You have to apply website specifications, content, functionality, etc. and that predicts the timeline and project phases.

Overall as a Web Design Riyadh, you need to have sittings with your clients to understand their mindset. Have a conversation with them in a polite manner. Once you have understood the concepts in their mind, you can easily incorporate your creativity for a highly practical aesthetic design.



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