The Best Web Application Frameworks Industry Players Prefer

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3 min readAug 8, 2019

Web applications are the most powerful tools to run a business these days. With technology taking over, having a business application has become very important for businesses to run. However, web applications need to be developed using the best frameworks available on the market. The business owners with very less knowledge of the field of IT, have no idea which framework will suit their business the most. Therefore, they hire experts in Mobile App Development in Dubai. These experts are adept in developing web applications that improve sales lead and drive the development of your business. The more convenience you offer to your customers, the more loyal they will be to your brand. Therefore, be very careful in choosing the web application developers for your business.

In this article, you will get to learn the best framework for web application development.

The Best Web Application Frameworks:

Frameworks matter a lot when it comes to web development. You need to keep the needs of the respective business in mind, to develop web applications that solve their problems. Some of the best frameworks for the development of web applications are listed below:

Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails follows push-based MVC architecture and is the best framework for the development of web applications. It was formerly considered the general website framework. However, the majority of web applications are now built using this framework.

This framework makes the tools that formulate feature centric apps easily available. High-quality code makes this framework stand out. It offers an easy to access the library. Moreover, it delivers seamless software to support test automation.

However, boot speed associated with this framework is an issue with rail framework and some of its IO libraries don’t support multithreading.


AngularJS is an open-source framework for the development of web applications. This framework is maintained by Google and associated development communities. The reason behind its popularity among developers is that it allows the extension of HTML vocabulary that helps in web application development. Moreover, it is one of the most commonly used JavaScript Frameworks.

This framework is the fastest Lightweight framework. It is also one of the most expressive yet lightweight frameworks. Easy testing makes this framework one of the ideal frameworks for web application development. Two-way data binding and HTML extensive help AngularJS to stand out.

However, you need a thorough knowledge of the framework to get the best results. Moreover, its router has some limitations. It requires you to use directives which make it somewhat difficult. Moreover, code debugging with this framework is comparatively tough.


Ember.js is one of the most popular platforms for building ambitious web apps. This framework is used by the developers for developing single-page web applications. It uses various tools that ensure flexible and effective web application architecture.

It had a strong router built within the framework. A simple web component makes it easy for developers to work with this framework. You get a complete development stack when you work with Ember.js. This framework is stable even without stagnation.

However, it uses Getters and setters for the testing. You find a lot of bugs in the application if you don’t use getters & setters to test and debug the application.


CakePHP is another open-source framework for the development of web applications. This platform is written in PHP. The reason why this framework is very popular within developers is that it develops faster applications that are simple to use. Moreover, using this framework, you can develop interactive applications that don’t require a lot of coding.

It is one of the most affordable web application development frameworks available on the market. It offers a quick and flexible template system. It is one of the securest frameworks available with the MVC coding pattern.

However, CakePHP offers only one-way routing. Moreover, the documentation of this framework requires a lot of effort. To design an eye-catching URL, you need to update the default router.

If you want to make the effective use of these frameworks, you need to hire the best Mobile App Development Company Dubai.


The use of the right framework makes a lot of difference when it comes to web application development. Hire the experts in mobile app development in Dubai to get the web application of your business developed to perfection.



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