The Better Database for Your Business: MongoDB vs. MySQL

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4 min readSep 14, 2019

With too many options to select, Relational DBMSs like MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL are dominant in a few years. Companies looking for relational databases around the globe, MySQL database had become one of the inexpensive options. To attend to the enterprise’s needs for fluid data, Building a database is not an easy task. You have to go through a comparative study of databases and understand the differences like, schema flexibility, performance, relationships, security, etc.

There are non-relational DBMS like MongoDB, which are capable of dealing with massive volumes of data. So, which database is a better option between MongoDB and MySQL here the App Developer Dubai has made a comparison in this article.

What is MYSQL?

RDBMS, (relational database management system) is originally from MySQL AB and now owned by Oracle Corporation. As an open-source RDBMS base on the requirements, the users can pre-define the database schema and establish rules. These are capable of administering the relationship between relevant entries in the tables. It keeps the data stored in tables, and like other relational DBMSs, uses SQL (structured query language) to get access to the database. For making any change in the schema, a migration procedure is necessary, that can reduce the performance of the application, and takes the database to the offline mode.

What is MongoDB?

Developed by MongoDB, Inc and it is a modern non-relational database. It stores the data stored and documents in a form called BSON, which is a type of binary representation. The MongoDB query language stores the related data to enable query access. Sometimes the fields may be different for each document, but these fields are self-explanatory. Any new field entry or adding document never disrupts the existing records. You can also use schema validation optionally to enforce the control of data. Without requiring any new update, there is no need to take the system to the offline mode.

When to Use MongoDB for Enterprise Application

You can use MongoDB for business application when you require the following;

  • When your business application requires cloud-based services
  • Lack of any database administrator
  • When you want built-in sharding solutions
  • Cut down the cost of schema migration

When to Use MYSQL for your Application

  • To prioritize the data security
  • When you have a fixed schema or need high transaction rates
  • It is suitable for a limited budget

Which one is better-MongoDB vs. MySQL

In terms of Database structure

MongoDB has a good advantage over MySQL, and the user does not feel any constraints due to the schema design. MySQL database structure stores the data values in tables which lets the SQL to access them. The schemas require that the rows inside the table have the same structures, and needs the values to represent by specific data types.

In the MongoDB database, data gets stored in the JSON-like documents. It is of varied structures. To better the query speed, MongoDB database stores related data sets together to be recovered later with MongoDB query language.

Database Deployment

MySQL has written in C++ and C language. It contains binaries for the set of systems like OS X, Microsoft Windows, AIX, Linux, FreeBSD, BSDi, IRIX, HP-UX, and NetBSD.

MongoDB database deployment has been written in C++, C, and JavaScript as well. It contains binaries for X, Linux, Windows, and Solaris.


MySQL database includes the master-master replication and master-slave replication to support. It enables replication from multiple masters in parallel.

MongoDB supports built-in replication, auto-elections, and sharding. When the primary database fails, developers can set a secondary database for automatically taking over. However, they use the auto-elections for this. Horizontal scaling is hard to implement with MySQL, which gets allowed through Sharding.

Performance of the Developer

On the MongoDB vs. MySQL performance point, creating an application by using MySQL is slower. It makes use of a fixed table like structure model. Here the point goes to the point that goes to MongoDB, working with MongoDB is flexible and, it accelerates the development cycle by about 4 to 5 times. Developers can visualize the app data and how it mapped to the data in the database.

Overall most of the firms are using MongoDB they can develop the applications much faster and deal with data of all types. Dubai App Developer gain more efficiency in managing applications. It provides users with new levels of scalability and availability.



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