The Building Blocks of An Effective Website Design

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3 min readJun 23, 2019

Web design thinking evokes an image of a digital art form. It is considered as an online art form. However, there is more to Web Design Company Dubai than making a website look attractive with a vivid color scheme. An effective design should include usability, site structure, functionality and much more.

From now on, more and more people and even companies use the Internet to improve their businesses and services. In addition, with the help of this technological advancement, business owners can communicate with their audience virtually. With these features, new, small and even large companies are using the Internet to their advantage.

Here is a discussion on the different building blocks of effective website design.

The structure of the website is important in web design:
An important element in any web design is the structure of the site. This means the platform used to present the content of the website. You could use PHP, CSS, HTML or any other encoding option, or use a script like Joomla or WordPress. There are advantages and disadvantages in each of these options that can influence the rankings of the search engines.

Search engines prefer a faster load of websites and, therefore, bulky codes that can cause slow loading of websites could negatively affect SEO rankings. It could be handled with the W3C Markup Validation Service, which looks for errors and solves problems for better performance.

Usability is crucial for successful web design

Usability helps new visitors navigate more easily through the website, interact as needed and discover what they are looking for. A good design will have site maps and site structure that will help visitors, as well as search engine spiders, to easily navigate the site.

Readability is another important element of web design

The readability of the website refers to how easy it is for visitors to read the website. It is smarter to select a dark text as black on a light white background.
It is important that the functionality of your Dubai web design facilitates interaction with visitors. This is important for websites that have interactive methods in them. Therefore, on a blog page, visitors should be able to comment on the posts correctly.

Be sure to follow among others for better functionality of a Dubai web design:
The links are not incorrect or broken
Ensuring easy access to all downloadable content
An appropriate search method by which visitors can access the content in a few seconds
Google’s webmaster tools track your website and discover links that do not work and other problems that influence functionality.
In addition to the Internet, companies also use devices such as laptops, smartphones, and even tablets, since almost all people use these devices in their daily lives. Because of these innovations, companies create a strong online presence. Nothing can beat a wonderful and well-designed website. Web design, applications, and other features can help people connect to the company. It also helps them learn more about their solutions. It can also help people learn more about certain things that can help them determine that the company’s service is essential to their lives. To know more about web design, here are some benefits that companies can obtain.

Identity: some service providers may have the same services but do not have the same mission and strategy. Therefore, with the help of a well-structured web design, business owners can create a coherent brand identity. This provides people with better details and knowledge about their solution.

More customers: by having a website, companies can attract potential customers to make use of their solutions. It can also help companies improve their advertising strategies since they can make use of other online platforms such as social networks.

Lower costs: Instead of spending money to advertise your company through television and newspapers, companies can reduce their costs by using their website as an advertising medium. For example, in case you have to provide a new service, you can connect and present this service instantaneously with a better method.
With these benefits, business owners and employees can improve their businesses and provide better solutions for their clients. It can also help them improve their performance. It also makes their business better and more efficient.



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