The Future of Flutter App Development over Native

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4 min readNov 26, 2019
Future of App Development

Flutter is a relatively new platform than Native in Cross-App development. Whether you’re a developer or a product manager, Flutter helps to ensure the best digital experience for your products. It performs better than Native

Hence, Flutter has outshined not because it’s the baby of Google but, because of outstanding cross-platform performance. It is not open-source but it’s also free.

So How Flutter is better than Native Cross-platform?

Both Flutter and Native are cross platforms. As people believe that, Flutter is Google’s strongest reply to Facebook React Native. So, it is a better reply than anything. As compared to Native Flutter does not use any web famous tech stack. React Native uses various languages to support the process.

Here the core difference between Flutter and Native is that Flutter focuses on a single codebase.

Therefore, unlike React Native, Flutter does not need to rely on other languages for better Mobile App Development in Dubai.

Some top key aspects of Flutter that has affected the native app development

With the rapid and increasing demand for mobile apps, Flutter has decreased the complications. Here are some of the top features that make it a better option.

Developer’s Productivity

A developer’s productivity is one of those aspects that leverage a project. It is vital to focus on providing new tools. Working with traditional tools is way more complicated. It affects the efficiency and productivity of the developers. So, here is Flutter is a great choice.

Flutter not only provides a one-time code but also gives a native look to your app projects. Whether you have an Android project or iOS, it looks and feels native.

It is productive than other cross-platforms in a way that it saves the tie by one-time coding features. And it has eliminated multiple testing. For every new platform, the developer does not need to start with scratch.

It provides Single Codebase for Two Applications

Now developers don’t need to write separate codebase for ea h application. It helps to cover the iOS and Android platforms with its single code base. You can have the same app for both platforms with Flutter.

The Best UI Features

You can build a responsive UI. It hosts a variety of UI libraries. Flutter helps to build user-friendly interfaces. You can have a great variety of host services. You can build custom UIs with its widgets.

It supports the functionalities by offering wrap one widget within another. Being an object-oriented framework, it provides various UI features.

Dart as a Programming Language

Flutter uses Dart as a programming language. Dart is the language that makes the basic things easier for developers. Dart is more familiar with Java and other similar languages.

It is Faster

Flutter ha after development tendency. It is the first choice in Dubai App Development. It has a quick compilation process with fits hot reload. It provides faster reloading. You don’t need to do the corrections. Flutter reflects the corrections instantly. So, it can get the smooth functioning of the applications every time with saving a lot of time.

Less Testing

You can get a better app with less and testing. It reduces the need for testing when you have a similar app for both platforms. Less testing saves time and money. It provides robust testing support. Developers can test the app at various developmental stages. It also provides a combined feature of testing the widgets. It allows the testing of UI in execution. These tests can be run on real devices in real-time.


Flutter is gaining rapid popularity. It is easy to learn, and many biggest brands are using it. But, is it good for app development in the long run? The answer is yes. It has a full-fledged working model after a successful beta version test. So, it is easy to work with it because it is less time-consuming. It is easier to develop better UIs with affordable and cheap development expenses.

It is easy to build feature s and unique buttons in the interface. This is the requirement of many enterprises to give a rich feature app. So, you can build an app similar to native with Flutter at less cost with rich interfaces.

So overall, again, things vary due to the different demands of the users and enterprises. But if you are looking for great accessibility, ready-customized widgets, and immediate updates in your app, then Flutter is for you.



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