The Smart Strategies to Build Backlinks for SEO Without Content

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3 min readAug 31, 2019


Backlinking is one of the most productive ways to grow organic search traffic. Traffic refers directly to the quality of the backlinks. When your website links with more reliable sites, it adds more value. The Content is often closely tied to link building. Content is necessary for your website but does not help in building backlinks every time. SEO Company Dubai uses multiple tactics that help in building backlinks.

The following are the techniques to build useful links to your site without content.

Mention Links Strategy

Find more organic, natural links with link mentions. It is one of the latest trends that you find on the internet in digital marketing. It is how Google measures brand authority in the online world.

Brand mentions usually published in the connection of reviews, complaints, feedback from the users. These mentions should be fresh, but for a web updating or beginning a new online marketing campaign, the earlier mentions can work too. For getting good mentions from the credible website always pay gratitude and appreciate the websites linking to you.

Link Reclamation and Broken Links

You need Link Reclamation when you change the content of the website or make some modifications to the site. It is a process of finding a mention of your brand online and requesting the publisher to convert it into a link. This technique works better for an older website. Find and fix faulty, broken, or incorrect links aimed at your website is a part of reclamation.

Broken links are those links, which send a user to a website that is no longer available, or out of functionality for the user. This tactic does not require content, although you must consider your strategies. It occurs when the URL of website changes. Find the dead links on your website or pages similar to your own, outreach to that site showcase your own site/page as a fix. There are a variety of ways you can include dead links into your link building campaign. You can scan a page to outreach to and use it any dead links a hook in the email for extra value.

Reviews and Community Links

Let’s talk about the reviews first. Reviews provide confidence, credibility, and, information about the sites. Mentioning other products and leaving a positive response on their web pages increases the chances of backlinking. They want to show to their customers and followers, who have complimented them and why. It is the fairest strategy of backlinks generation.

Community outreach results in some of the most relevant and influential links, but it takes a lot of energy and resources. Develop real-world relationships with related local businesses to get powerful online links. It enhances your branding, but again, you need resources.


Competitions can attract links from authoritative sites and a diversity of domains. It works best when paired with another online marketing activity like giving giveaways, arranging online polls, and social sharing. You can get more online engagement with contests, and it helps to get new mentions.

HARO- Help a Reporter Out

Providing information about the quotes and statistics to the journalists or reporters can result in immense publicity. Online market experiences connection with several clients and understands the buying behaviors. They have a higher amount of data as well. When a reporter asks you about the industry trends and demands of the customers in your field, you can gain links by getting mentioned. All marketers are aware of the power of press mentions. HARO should be involved in every link building or online marketing campaign for established industries.

Image links and Local Links

Your website images and logos play publicity for you in the online world. When you see your logo or icons like infographics on other websites, think for a while, before asking the links. Check the credibility of the website. It can also bring you backlinks.

For local links build a better relationship with local businesses because Google naturally supports local businesses for many searches. There are multiple possibilities with local backlinking because these businesses have a tremendous number of searches.

To Conclude

To provide better SEO Services, and to boost rankings, you can build useful links by following these strategies with wisdom and insight. Surely there are some techniques for which you have to spend resources. SEO Dubai should prefer those techniques for larger enterprise with its own research homes.



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