Top 5 Low And No-Code Mobile App Development Platforms

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3 min readMar 26, 2020

The mobile app development industry is on the rise as it is 2020 now, and as per the predictions, apps are just as important as websites are. In simpler words, if you want your business to grow stronger, you don’t have any other option but to invest in a well-developed website and a well-designed application.

Today, we are here to talk about all and all regarding Mobile App Development Dubai. The need for you to hire an app developer is growing with time because if you want your app to stand out, you will have to get one developed as soon as possible.

Top 5 Low And No Code Mobile Application Platforms To Use This Year:

Hiring a mobile app developer is a great option to choose, but if you want to give app development a try yourself, there are things you can do. We are lucky to have app development solutions that require little to no coding, and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Here are those platforms that can be used for app development if you don’t know or like coding much:

1. GoodBarber:

Whether you want to build web-based applications, iOS apps, or Android apps, GoodBarber is the platform you should be using right now. This platform requires no coding at all, and this is why it is famous among developers who have shorter deadlines.

The reason why we decided to bring this platform to you today is that it offers some of the best application designs possible. If you want your application to be excellent, from a visual perspective, there is nothing better than GoodBarber.


Want a platform that provides you with both front end development tools and back end development tools? If that is a “yes,” try right now. It is a cloud-based platform that will take your app development game to a whole another level. This platform offers it all! From the best visual designs to the best integration and deployment services.

With it, you won’t have to worry about coding at all because it builds frameworks automatically, and it generates codes in different languages all by itself. In a nutshell, for effective and easy app development, you should give a try.

3. Shoutem:

In the year 2010, Shoutem was nothing but a mobile social network. But now, it has turned into a whole amazing app development platform that’s being used by hundreds of developers at the moment. Especially if you are building some event application or a community, you need to use Shoutem because it has an impressive social wall that can come in handy to you.

Honestly, this platform has not a lot of features to offer to you, but if you have to build a simple application without any fancy added features. And if that app is somehow related to “communication,” Shoutem can be a good option for you. If you want something fancy, you should try the other platforms that we have mentioned.

4. AppyPie:

In a total of four years, more than 1.5 million apps are built using AppyPie. This alone is enough to tell you why you should use this app builder for your application.

The best part is that this platform has a lot of different features to offer, like CRM and AR. Want to know something more interesting? You can use this cloud platform to develop templates like Uber and Tinder!

5. Bizness Apps:

Looking forward to building an eCommerce application? If so, try Bizness Apps, and you will surely be impressed with the features and functions it offers.

You can choose to make your design or use the premade templates if you feel like putting little effort into app development.


These are the best platforms that we have for you to use this year if you don’t want to code at all. Now, the choice is yours. You can either hire a seasoned Mobile App Developer Dubai or use these builders to give it a shot yourself.



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