Top Design Mistakes that Affect Your Site’s Readability

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3 min readJan 6, 2020

Most of the websites are too much frustrating. They are way more confusing or difficult to understand. Are those websites generating any revenue? What is the purpose of their existence? Well, that’s another question. But one thing is for sure that high leads and conversion come with a readable site.

What is a readable design?

A design is readable when the visitors could understand the text and images without any effort. Perhaps on the owner’s demand or with the designer’s mistake, there are many factors behind the flawed site.

So, maybe you’ve bought a template or are starting from scratch. Either way, there are a few common mistakes.

Web Developer NYC has shaped these points to highlight some mistakes that cause issues in understanding the design. These mistakes range from poor contracts to use of the wrong color. Also, the use of too small fonts and typography.

So, let’s discuss some design mistakes in detail.

Avoid Clutter in the Background

It is a modern trend to use the text on images. You can use images and text on them. But make sure to check the contrast and the theme of the images. More heavy text on a busy looking image creates a cluttered look. It makes the layout look too busy and hides the necessary CTAs.

Get an Appropriate Font Size

To convey your message, you need text on your site. Even though fonts are just letters, they can make or break your design.

Your copy determines the leads and conversions when users scan it. Make sure the size of your font is appropriate for your entire audience. It should be a minimum 16px, 18px for some models of fonts.

To differentiate in different headings and to highlight, add variations. Try using a bolder weight for your headline font to make it more powerful than the rest of the text. It will create a hierarchy in your design.

Contrast with the Background

Some designers do not check tagline, header image, and page copy. They never bother to check the end-users can read it or not.

Given the total overlays color backgrounds and text on images your website theme allows you to use, it makes it easy to overlook the readability.

There is a certain contrast ratio. It is crucial to have a contrast in the foreground and background colors. And aim for a contrast ratio over 4.5:1 for normal and 7:1 for the large text.

Too much paragraph highlights

To highlight the important phrases and text in the copy, we use to highlight. A highlight is not bold, underlined, or italic rather something small and different from the relative larger rest.

When you highlight the text, your users may skip the rest. They will only read highlighted words and passthrough your content like a bumpy road.

Don’t add more than Three Lines

Centered testimonials, multiple paragraphs of text, or even whole sections create difficulty for the reader. If the user is finding some necessary points, it will make them confused to read paragraph centrally aligned. Make sure to avoid this. Add only three lines, that’s perfect to read.

Too many Animations

Upon scrolling, avoid adding too many animations. Sometimes users get stuck, or the site hangs. Careless use of animations can ruin the readability. Users can’t focus on the CTA or the guidelines that the designer wants to deliver.

Lack of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Web design should be compatible with every size of the screen. Your user is not approaching you from a single device. With responsive design, you have one layout that adjusts its components accordingly for different screen sizes.

Bad UX and poor rankings are the major hurts for your site. Use the appropriate tools to adjust your design. You can also have a responsive design with the expert Web Designer NYC.

However, these tips can save your design and website from low conversions. Everything else in this article and the responsive design together increase the readability of your site.



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