Top Reasons to Use Ionic Framework to Build Mobile App

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3 min readJun 23, 2019

The Ionic platform is one of the most used, and completely free of cost frameworks, which every developer prefers. Every platform has its own ups and downs, but the Ionic app development framework is the combo of the three dominant languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 will help you best to get high performance on cross platforms.
Here are some reasons that we find valid and why developers should use the Ionic Framework in App Developing process.

Ionic FrameWork helps to Move across Platforms
The ionic app development framework is the top app development framework for hybrid apps. The Ionic framework helps in creating a single quality application that can quickly release across particular mobile platforms without compromising quality and design. Since it is the combination of languages, whether you start with iOS, Android, Windows or other operating systems, it is the framework that allows you to convert easily and efficiently.

Free of Cost
The efficient Ionic framework is completely free. Over 75% percent of the developers and, the App Development in Dubai also use this platform, to reduce the cost of development. Because, when you build an app, it requires a marketing campaign which is also a very expensive process. So, get relaxed about the cost of the development.

A stable and Open Source
It is very common in the case of open the source that, being open makes them unstable and this is the biggest insecurity when one hears about the Ionic framework. But the Ionic platform is a strong and stable open resource.

Ionic uses Cordova Plug-ins
By using a piece of code attached to the App, getting coded in JavaScript which allows doing multiple things because it is close to the native language of the platform. Through the Cordova, Plugins or codes help to get access to different features of the operating system, like a Camera, Battery, Geolocation, etc. Depending on what the app functions, you will definitely use at least one of these to have an optimal working app.

Helps in creating beautiful app
To create a mobile application or web application Angular platform is a very popular framework, not only this it helps you to get a beautiful looking eye-catching app. Since Angular app includes CSS and JavaScript, so, it lets you customize the app with different buttons, menus, color schemes, etc. when launched on different platforms the by applying derivative and UI elements, the themes automatically change and give you the native look and users always attract to great looking app.

It is built on Angular JS framework
With Angular, it is quite easy to build mobile apps. Now backed by Google the Angular JavaScript is one of the most successful frameworks. It provides a native feel to the apps and can launch in any app store. Dubai mobile app developer agency builds impressive and attractive mobile apps, because, it provides great compatibility and dynamic features.

Big and Helpful Community
Whether you are starting a new developer or already working for years, the vast community of this open forum is always helpful. On social media blogs and YouTube, Channels guidelines are clear. This indicates the community is very open and active. So, no one feels any difficulty to understand it. Everyone is cheered to help each other, even you can see the founders in the queue, and this is amazing.



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