Top reasons Why and How Golang is Better than Rust?

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4 min readOct 26, 2019

Rust and Golang are the programming languages that have created a stirring ripple the world across. Today’s programming languages are far more advanced in writing complex programs. These programming languages provide essential features for developing advanced software. These features include memory safety, integrated tool-chain, open-source development model, and strong communities for modern users. Both of these languages share an array of similarities and compatibilities. Developed for scratching different itches, meeting different requisites, and writing different types of programs, they are dramatically different.

By comparing these languages, Dubai Web Developer aims to figure out which language can perform supreme at a given programming task. This article compares Go and Rust, explaining how they are similar, how they’re different.

Introduction to Golang

Introduced in the year 2007 by Google, was conceived as a riposte to a few issues in software infrastructure. Computation clusters and web programming models’ type of issues were unable to get fixed directly. In that environment, Golang brought more productivity because it includes;

· It has rigorous dependency management.

· It brings Robustness across different boundaries between components and software architectures.

· It has the Adaptability as advanced systems.

· The promoter score of Golang is positive at 68%, which indicates its popularity is only rising.

· Recently, on February 2019, the 1.12 version of Golang has introduced.

· In the year 2009, Golang became public as an open-source project.

· Its latest features include improved modular support, a better iOS, and macOS forwards compatibility.

Golang shares the highest market position in terms of both traffic and popularity, compared to other server-side programming languages. Developers and Web Developer in Dubai majorly use Golang for writing API/RPC services and developing CLI applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Golang

· It is a very fast and statically-typed programming language that can compile to machine code rapidly. It is faster than Python, JavaScript, Java, and C#.

· It is a pragmatic, concise, and efficient language, with a simplistic code.

· Being open-source it is more productive for programmers.

· It is problem-solving, productive, Flexible, Safe, and IDE-supported.

Disadvantages of Golang

· It lacks generics to a great extent.

· Not enough immutability in this programming language

· It is not a system language and sacrifices a few aspects of performance due to its simplicity

Introduction to Rust

It came into being in the year 2010 as an advanced extension of the ML languages by Mozilla.74.5% users who have used the programming language, prefer it, and the number increased by 2018. Its history parallels that of Go in many ways and, it became publicly available in 2010.

· When surveyed about Rust at work, the programming language showed some not-so-satisfactory statistics. Approximately 49.2% of companies stated they don’t use Rust at work.

· In 2015, Rust version 1.0 has launched, and 1.33 versions are available since 2019 with strong community support.

· Rust was motivated in the frame by a desire to enhance upon the conventions of C++, including by making it more accessible to implement concurrency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rust

· It has an amazing run speed, and in some cases, Rust has successfully exceeded Golang.

· It is highly efficient in the tasks where high performance, safety, and concurrency are required.

· It enabled some fine-grained system controlling features like novel embeddings, rich patterns, and rich syntax extensions.

· It is interoperable with FFI, C, and several other languages.

· It does not tolerate unprotected memory accesses.

· Saves time in debugging, crashing, and testing.

· It has a very predictable runtime course, which means there is neither a garbage collector nor any cost abstraction.

· It provides an inviolable safety against all the low-key threats, including race condition and Null pointers.

Disadvantages to Rust

· It has a steeper learning hook than Golang.

· It is slow to compile comparatively.

· It can be slower as compared to C++ and C in analogous situations.

· It is a highly complex programming language and requires more learning.

Golang VS Rust

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both languages both cater to different benefits. It vastly spends on the project type and work nature it requires. Go is faster than Rust and caters to a broader set of use cases and is moderately more flexible. When you have an array of services to write, then Dubai web developer chooses Golang because it is a lot faster than Rust. It takes full advantage of concurrency while being deployed as a set of microservices.

Rust has an obsession with preventing memory-related security vulnerabilities. It indicates that programmers have to go out of their way to perform tasks that would be more relaxed in other languages, including Golang.

Go is as secure as any other modern programming language because of its low ramp-up time and less complexity.

However, the worldwide popularity of Golang is a bit higher than Rust. It aimed at maintaining simplicity and letting developers a better experience of programming.



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