UI And UX- How Do They Work Together In Website Design?

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If you are in the thought process of a website design and development, you need to know its integral specialties that are UX and UI.

The terms UX and UI are not the same things. People in both these roles have distinctively different job profiles, but they need to collaborate to build a quality product. UX means user experience that deals with constructing the technical aspects of a website, while UI means user interface that involves the job of building and handling website graphic design.

They both are unique yet incomplete without each other in making a successful website. UX and UI designers work together, starting from the very first phase of the workflow process, coming down to implementing the final website design.

Below in this article, you will get to know about all the phases and how UI and UX design work together to complete a website design process. However, to create excellent UI and UX for your website, you must contact a Professional Website Design Company in Dubai.

UI And UX- How Do They Work Together In Website Design?

Here is how UI and UX work together in a website design:

1. Start With A Discussion:

At the initial point, when a feature or product is under discussion or being introduced, the UX designer’s job is to help analyze what is practical and what isn’t. On the other end, he gets to know about the likes and dislikes of users based on their experiences.

At the beginning of something, the benefit of this discussion helps in time-saving by identifying the inefficient and impractical products and estimating the project work demand and the required resources for it.

2. Research Takes Place:

After the first phase, the UI Designer does more detailed research by assembling data through various focus groups, surveys, and interviews to recognize users’ behavior, their needs, problems, and responses.

Without the research data given by the UI Designer, UX designers can’t build a product or a feature. Thus, according to the research done by the UI designer, UX Designers identify the scope of work and make a plan for the next few weeks to implement the task at hand.

3. Presentation Of Findings:

Once their specific research is done, it is time for early expectations of the company, the UI team findings, and the UX team ideas to come together to design something solid. At this stage, the UI Designer provides the perception of users and highlights of the new product/feature to the rest of the team.

UX designers with the whole team’s feedback provide the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for further process.

4. Making Derivations And Testing Stage:

Before launching the website, UX designers will build multiple workable prototypes based on feedback from all teams’ members, especially UI designers. It will help in making necessary derivations and associated tweaks to make the product better.

The workable prototype made by UX Designers will then come to the testing stage by potential users. This testing can be done over the internet or in person to find out the efficiency and convenience of the design.

5. Build The Final Design:

Once all the prototyping and testing are done, it is time to sketch and build the final designs. At this point, the UI designers hand over the final designs to the web development team.

But, it’s not that simple. The UX Designers and web developers need the easy accessibility of software used by UI designers for design sketching and selecting its colors, fonts and buttons. UI designers need to fulfill their criteria for a smooth handover.

6. Implementation:

Once the final designs are handed over to the web development team, the actual implementation process gets started. But still, UI and UX designer’s work is not to be relaxed in this stage because several things might not exactly happen as stated in the design.

They need to be in touch with the whole team to give substitutes when required, while still keeping in mind the user’s preference.

Conclusive Remarks:

Even after the website’s launch, both the UI/UX designers need to start constructing phases and designs for the following MVP. So, in conclusion, both these designs are associated together for life, and the web development team of any company can’t function properly without them.



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