Understanding the Importance of Blogging in SEO

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3 min readAug 1, 2019

When it comes to SEO, blogs play an important role in improving the Google search engine ranking of your website. Only search engine experts understand the true value blogs hold for the SEO of any business. You might feel that who would like to read about menial tasks such as gardening or plumbing. However, there are a number of people who are interested in such content and read it often. This interest provides you the opportunity to link the kind of blogs people are interested in your business and earn money. You can even play off current events and occasions to engage the users. However, it is extremely important for the content of your blog to be of high quality. If you find it hard to brainstorm new topics each day, then don’t worry. Hire a professional SEO Company Dubai to write and optimize a blog for your business.

If you want to know how SEO blogs improve your business’s standing on Google search engine then continue reading this article.

How Do SEO Blogs Help Your Business to Grow?

With Google updating its policies every now and then, it’s very important for the businesses to market themselves according to these policies. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to be noticed by Google. Following are the ways by which SEO blogs help you improve your website’s ranking:

1. Increasing Number of URLs:

Google loves websites with lots of content. SEO experts use blogs to increase the number of URLs on the website of their clients. However, quality is the most important element that enables Google to index your website. This makes it extremely important for the blogs of your website to be of high quality. Blogs are another great place to incorporate keywords. Keywords are very important for search engine optimization. Blogs written with appropriately stuffed keywords are more SEO friendly. Choose different but relevant keywords for each of the blogs. It increases your chance to be ranked higher on Google Search Engine.

2. Topical Match Engine:

Google is no longer a keyword match engine. It is more of a Topical Match Engine now. It prefers the websites which offer thorough information on the relevant topics. With new changes being introduced in the Google algorithm, Google focuses on the context of topics. It now performs searches based on topics that appear in queries rather than only indexing the keywords typed in the search engine query. This means to be noticed by Google, your website needs to publish holistic blogs. Having extensive information about a topic on your blog makes your website worthy in the eyes of Google.

3. Increasing Inbound Links:

For impactful SEO, it is important for your website to earn inbound links. These links belong to other websites. Blogging increases your chance to earn these links for your website.

Having a variety of high-quality content, related to one topic brings more traffic to your website. This is because the target audience focused blogs are readily indexed by Google Topical Match engine. People will easily discover your content. It will also attract businesses and they will want to link their websites to your content if they find it helpful.

However, it is very important for these links to be inbounded in a natural way. Google will not favor your website if you try to manipulate the number of websites linked. Linking more than permitted number of websites to your blog with result in the violation of Google’s terms of services. As a result, you will end up in a penalty situation. The best way to avoid getting in trouble is to create high-quality content on a regular basis. This way your website will earn more inbound links naturally.

You can build a strong social media presence to increase the number of inbound links. You can share your articles on your social media platforms to earn more traction. Boost the best article with the help of paid sponsorships. Trust the right Dubai SEO company for the creation of Google-friendly blogs.


Hiring a professional SEO Services Dubai is very important for the effective online marketing of your business. You can use SEO to your advantage by trusting the right experts. So, be very careful while hiring SEO experts for your website.



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