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Web Design Vs. Graphic Design- How Both Are Different?

Though web design and graphic design both use images, text, and typography to craft a preferred method of communicating ideas, designing for print and web are two different practices. Graphic designers have been everywhere since print media was established, whereas web design came into existence when the internet was introduced. However, before opting for a Web Designer NYC or graphic designer, you need to understand the differences between web design and graphic design.

Graphic Design:

In simple words, graphic design involves any sort of design that has been crafted and printed. This kind of design practice uses the fusion of technology and art to communicate ideas and messages to the target audience. The graphic designer makes use of several communication tools to convey a message from the company/client to a particular audience.

You can find the best graphic illustrations in magazines, newspaper ads and arrangements, logos, labels, books, brochures, and billboards on several product packages and much more. Graphic designers often construct the layout design for numerous kinds of print advertisements. Typically, the print design is two-dimensional. Each part is designed for a fixed size display. Images and typography are the key tools used in graphic designs. Images are the best source of communicating a mood or emotion. The audience responds to the images and advertising memos that they receive.

Conversely, typography is a font-based design in which words are used to deliver a message. The designers need to put their efforts on the appearance of words such as the letters’ size, shape, color, and location as well. They are crafted to grab the attention of the consumers, recognize the product, boost the ad display, and help to send the advertiser’s message to the targeted audience.

Moreover, graphic designers work together with photographers, illustrators, printers, typesetters, market analysts, and some other production specialists to complete the whole ad design project.

Web Design:

Web design is a job of creating a webpage on the internet. Web designers work for businesses to create their websites. They create a graphical display of content and images, which is presented on the internet as a webpage. They make use of various web apps including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Photoshop, and JPG images. This way web designers need to work on all of the technical aspects of making a website including the coding and writing of webpages.

Where Does the Difference Lie Between Web And Graphic Design?

  • The core difference between graphic and web design is about the medium. People involved in the graphic design field usually have more opportunities because they are not limited by programming, speed, or determination. On the other hand, web designers need to have a proper plan for web design and then adjust it with the effectiveness and speed of the web.
  • In web design, all the graphic elements should be good-looking and small enough so that they can be loaded fast on all kinds of devices. Otherwise, this thing will result in a bad user-experience which will further hurt your website visibility. Whereas, graphic designers need to concern about design making and printing.
  • Another point of difference is that graphic designers can use any type of font without having any worry about the final deliverable. They have advanced printers to get a quality print of their design. Nevertheless, web designers need to take care of how the content will display on different screens and in different browsers.
  • The web design industry is greater than graphic one as it is growing day by day. Web designers need to have broad knowledge and skill to excel in this field. On the contrary, graphic designers generally work within deliberate specifications.

The Final Words:

Both graphic and Freelance Web Designer NYC plays an imperative role in the marketing, promotion, and sales of products and services. So, choose a professional web designer or graphic designer according to your particular type of business.



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