What Are The Golden Rules To Follow For iOS App Development?

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3 min readApr 19, 2020
IOS App Development

Over the past few years, the mobile market has proved to be profitable for many businesses as it is not only cost-effective but distant-reaching as well. Nowadays, Mobile App Development Dubai industry wants to gain the maximum benefit from alternative platforms like the digital world and mobile market.

iOS is one of the prominent platforms famous for its high-quality apps and strict requirements that must be fulfilled to get the app uploaded on the Apple store. If you are in search of a professional app developer for the iOS platform, there are few guidelines to be considered before assigning the app development work to any developer.

Follow These Few Golden Rules for iOS App Development:

So, to create an outstanding and unique iOS app, the developers must follow a set of certain guidelines to create innovative iOS apps.

1. Select A Place:

Before getting started, browse the internet to get all useful information about the target market. Find out which are over-saturated and opportunity markets available. You must keep one thing in mind that you should not target any over-saturated market unless you can contribute to further progress.

On the other hand, try to find out a new opportunity and then stick to it. Make sure if you are duplicating any existing app before going forward.

2. Name It Properly:

The most priceless marketing tools are the icon and the name for your app. Selecting the best suitable name, which also describes the qualities of your app in a minimum number of words, is a challenging task.

Search for the name which has not previously been used. Therefore, browse the internet and select a suitable name that attracts the majority of people.

3. The Insightful Interface:

As you have heard that the first impression is the last one. Hence, the app design must be simple, clear, and have depth so that the users will decide within 2 seconds whether to get it or not.

The users may go through your website for further details, but it does not matter if they do not get attracted to the first impression. Plus, to engage users with the app, the app must be visually appealing with right-sized buttons, icons, and more.

4. Don’t Overdo Things:

Before starting app development, you must make a list of dos and don’ts. It is great to maintain a flowchart. Always list down all the things and steps that are needed for the app development, from the process to the accomplishment of the goal.

Also, choose a framework, whether it is paid or community support, whatever suits your needs.

5. Keep It Plain:

Simplicity is the fundamental to success. Apps are meant to perform specific tasks and solve real-world problems for their users.

Don’t strive to bring world peace with your app when all the users are asking for is a to-do list. Keeping it as much simple as possible will help you in the long run.

6. Classify A Business Model:

Before starting working on your app, set your business goals, and model that will be the source of sure income.

Try to avoid in-app advertising if you are charging capital for downloads. On the other hand, if you are charging for downloads, try getting some money from advertising before you start.

7. Market Your App:

Before launching your app into the market, give it a try by introducing it in your circle first. Ask your friends and family to share your app on social media.

Collect some data on user experience before you start selling it on iTunes.

8. Supervise Your Time:

Every app usually has 3 phases that are; release, momentary success, and eventual slowdown. The ratio of your efforts and profit gets decline with time. There are some ways to delay the effects, but once the decline begins, it is complicated to cope up with it.

Once your app becomes dead, don’t waste time chasing it. Instead, make something new and better.


So, creating an iOS app is not very tough, but there are just a few rules that developers need to carefully consider and follow to master the iOS App Development Dubai that makes a major get through.



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