What is Beta Testing and How far is it Important

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App development is a stressful process. But the most nerve breaking moments are testing the app. It is one of the most critical phases of the app. Whether you are adding new features to an existing app or launching new, you have to go through multiple levels of testing.

Why do developers need testing of the app? What is the best time to test the apps? What sort of testing is useful?

So, there are multiple levels of testing in the app production.

Developers have to test everything from code to UI and integration testing. Not every team can perform every sort of testing. But they follow modern techniques of testing. So, the main question is, then, what is Beta testing? How do companies do beta testing for mobile apps?

Understanding Beta Testing

In beta testing, companies distribute the app to the audiences before the launch. The main goal of beta testing is to get feedback and fix the bugs. App Developer in Dubai distributes the app among common users. It is a limited and non-public release of the app.

Before we perform Beta testing of the app, it requires Alpha testing. Alpha testing is held with team members who have developed the project. It is held with or without knowing the code.

The main purpose of Alpha testing is to make ready the app for beta testing. It ensures the bug fixing and the product working.

What is the importance of Beta Testing? Why we perform Beta Testing?

Before coming to the beta testing, the application goes to various testing processes. So, why we need beta testing after Alpha? Beta testing is considered the testing of real life. This phase finalizes the app. The main reasons are;

Many in-house scenarios can not be replicated in the beta testing for the real-life environment.

The app is in early stages so, beat testing becomes impossible at that time.

Testing conducted by tools isn’t always guaranteed.

Beta testing requires real-life users.

Beta testing is crucial to perform before the final launch of the app. This is one of the biggest mistakes that companies often commit. Beat testing ensures the bug fixing before the launch, and it is crucial for Android and ios apps. As soon as acceptance testing is finished, App Development Dubai has to launch beta testing.

Does the beta test only ensure bug fixing?

Before we explain the issues that beta testing highlights, let’s describe how companies perform beta testing?

Checkpoints to consider before beta Testing

  • Find the ways that where to get beta testers
  • Required number of beta testers for launch
  • What kind of testers do you need? e.g technical or non-technical, or test to break attitude?
  • Providing the testers an easy to download path
  • Preparing the crash reporting tools
  • Supporting the beta testers for onboarding and inform them of app features.
  • It is crucial to support the beta testers before the test starts
  • You have to prepare a checklist according to the app features.

Make sure to consider the budget of the app before testing. You can use some of the famous Beta Testing Platforms. Some are official platforms and third-party platforms. Some of the famous platforms for Android and iOS beat testing are as follows;

· Official Platform

TestFlight (iOS)-It is the solution for the beta testing of the iOS and other Apple platform apps.

Google Play Console (Android)-It is Android’s official beta testing platform provided by Google.

· Third-Party Beta Testing Platforms

There are plenty of third-party platforms some of them are;


HockeyApp (Visual Studio App Center)

Prefer to go with official platforms. And make sure that your platform makes top features available for the testing.


Beta testing is crucial because it ensures the quality of an app.

You can anticipate the usability and the best user experience of your app. It helps to detect the main bugs and errors of the app. You can get free marketing and advertisement for the app before the final launch. Your app’s performance is enhanced and you get idea verification as well.



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