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Why Do eCommerce Apps Need An Order Tracking Feature?

eCommerce is the future of the global market. With the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, more people are inclining towards online shopping. To cater to the needs of these people and to offer them an amazing online shopping experience, Mobile App Developer needs to evolve and introduce such features that attract more audiences and convert them into their potential customers.

One of these features is an order tracking system. It one of the most useful features any eCommerce app could have. That is because when a customer orders something online, he wants to know when he will receive his order. The order tracking system not only helps them to know when their order will arrive. It also let them find out where their parcel is at that particular moment.

It also holds a lot of importance for businesses as it allows them to monitor their online orders and shipment. Once they have figured out where the parcel is at the moment, they update the status to their customers. Ecommerce order tracking systems are loaded with a variety of features that include:

· Shipment tracking

· Estimated delivery dates

· Frequent order status updates

Each of these features enables you to create an impeccable user experience. It gets easier for the buyers to know the expected delivery date for their orders. Putting this system in place allows you to notify them if there is a delay in their order.

Today, we are going to discuss what makes an order tracking system an essential feature for any eCommerce app. So, let’s dive into it.

Reasons Why Your eCommerce App Needs An Order Tracking System:

There are various ways an ordering tracking system boosts your eCommerce app experience. Some of these ways include:

1. Cost Reduction:

As a business owner, you should know how costly it is to deal with customers’ complaints and inquiries. Once your business starts to grow, you have to hire or outsource someone to address customers’ concerns. You can also incorporate a chatbot to respond to each of the individual customers’ complaints. If you fail to address them, they will give you bad reviews.

That’s where an order tracking system comes to the rescue. When you put an order tracking system in place, you get fewer inquiries. Customers automatically receive the necessary information regarding their parcel once it has been implemented. It also streamlines your eCommerce business operations since you can track a misplaced order and send it out to the customer. It is easy to resolve any issue you come across.

With order tracking feature, you can easily automate the process of parcel monitoring. You don’t need to put in extra effort or time. This feature also alleviates some of the burdens off your customer support team. They can effectively provide their services without compromising the quality. You invest the saved time and money in other rather creative aspects of running your business.

2. Come Up To Customers’ Expectations:

More than 97% of the customers appreciate it when they are provided with the ability to monitor their order step by step until it reaches them safely. With the advent of technology, online customers have started to put more trust in online stores. They have become used to a higher level of visibility when it comes to their orders and services. To survive the competitive eCommerce landscape, this feature is a must for every eCommerce business app.

If you fail to provide your customers with the ultimate service level, they will choose an option they find better than your store. One of the best ways to retain your customers is to keep them up-to-date with their parcel’s information. When you meet their expectations for the core, they will give you good reviews and purchase from your store again.

3. Better Order Fulfillment:

To run your eCommerce business more effectively, you need to know your job is done after you pack the parcel. Order tracking allows you to control the process of order fulfillment better. It makes it easier for you to address any of the issues that arise.

If you don’t have a proper tracking system in place, your tracking information can be misplaced, resulting in an email backlog from unsatisfied customers.

Winding Up:

eCommerce app development isn’t complete without an order tracking system in place. While launching your eCommerce app, don’t forget to incorporate one. Contact Mister Saad for the smooth creation of your eCommerce app.



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