Why Launching A Dress Rental App Is A Great Business Idea?

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3 min readMay 4, 2020
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The purpose of clothing has evolved greatly from being mean to cover your body and to protect it from the harsh weather condition. It has now turned into a way to distinguish yourself and to create your personality.

However, with the rise of fashion, the prices of the clothing items are also skyrocketing. It is not easy for everybody to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion. There are thousands of brands that have been selling from casual to formal outfits. These outfits range from a few to over a thousand dollars.

Moreover, the advent fashion industry has caused the phenomenon of fast fashion. Trends come and go leaving behind the fashion goods that will not be worn again. This increases environmental concerns. Dubai Mobile App development companies have come up with a great solution to this problem. They are going to develop apps that let consumers rent clothes.

Dress Rental Service:

One way to reduce the environmental concerns that fast fashion raises are dress rental services. It is expected that these services will bring an end to the fast fashion. These services are also an amazing opportunity for those who are into fashion and understand the fashion preferences of the masses. Hence, it is hard to afford a place to open your own thrift store.

Don’t worry, you can sell rental clothes online. The reason why this business has immense growth potential is that people don’t want to buy clothing items that they wouldn’t be wearing regularly. For example, formal dresses for special occasions and weddings. People would prefer to either thrift fancy clothes or rent them. This way they wouldn’t have to purchase a dress worth a thousand dollars just to wear only a couple of times.

Modern Solutions To Modern Problems:

If you are planning to start your dress rental business, there isn’t a better way to make it a success other than launching your mobile app.

An online platform to sell rental dresses online is a cost-effective way to run your business. But first, you need to come up with a unique business model that suits your budget.

The Business Model For Dress Rental Business:

After looking at the online apparel market, we come to know that you need to have an exceptional business model to run your apparel business online. You need to take inspiration from top fashion designers and then partner up with professional app developers to create a unique platform for the customers to access the outfits they desire.

When it comes to the dress rental business, it’s up to the owner to set up the rental charges. If you own a couple of dresses you would want to rent out, then you are all good. However, while setting a price make sure you have considered service charges, shipment, and delivery charges.

Now that you have a functional business model, it is time to create an app with the features your customers would love to use.

Crucial Things To Keep In Mind While Developing A Dress Rental App:

Following are the things you need to keep in mind while developing an app for renting out dresses:

1. Allows Effective Communication:

To enhance the process of communication, you need to enter your email or a chatbot that effectively answers the concerns of the renters.

2. Photographs That Display The Details:

For an apparel business, visuals are everything. Therefore, be very careful while photographing or editing pictures to post on your dress rental app. To make that happen, you need to:

· Show fasteners

· Display the cloth material

· Zoom in for Emblem

· Allow 360 rotation

· Display a size chart

3. Describe Your Product Effectively:

Since there are so many options available for the consumers to choose from, it is important to write a product description that sells.

Add more style and uniqueness to your product by effectively describing it. Try to tell a story and use meta tags to engage your customers.

In A Nutshell:

If you can’t afford a physical store for your online dress rental business, you should create an online platform to engage your customers. By hiring a professional Mobile App Development Dubai, you can turn your dream into reality.



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