Xamarin Vs Native App Development- What To Choose?

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3 min readApr 5, 2020
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To figure out what is the best, Xamarin or Native app development, it is essential to first know about these two. Especially if you are a business owner who is looking forward to hiring an app developer, you need first to understand what you want. This is precisely why we are here today. We will be telling you everything about Xamarin and Native Mobile App Development Dubai so that you can easily make a final decision without having to worry about anything.

Xamarin is a software that uses the C# programming language, run-time, and class library to build both Android and native iOS apps. But on the other hand, there’s another fact that native app development is different for Android and iOS. It helps those devices run effectively that are compatible with the operating systems.

Important Features Offered By Xamarin:

Before looking for app development companies or individual developers, first, take a look at these features of Xamarin. It will help you make a better and more comfortable decision.

1. Supports Android:

Xamarin works just like a supporting framework for all the gaming and utility native apps. This framework enables the users to have a seamless experience on both tablets and smartphones. The best part is that it also offers a separate software for all the Android watches out there.

2. Creating Native Apps:

As said earlier, this software helps, on the whole, another level in building native applications for every single platform and operating system. Xamarin is the best thing to try if you want a bug free and an error-free app for your Android, iOS, or web operating system.

3. Development Of Apps For Windows:

Unlike the other software out there, this one allows the app developers in building applications for Windows too. It comes with this unique feature of shared coding that makes things fall into place.

Key Features of Native App Development:

There are several major features offered by native app development, and these are important. So, do take notes as this is where you will have to make a final decision.

1. Privacy And Support:

One of the major concerns for both the users and developers is the safety and security of the application. Well, this is what you get with native app development. You don’t have to worry about any loopholes or gaps for the hackers to enter, which is probably the reason why people prefer native app development.

2. Updates And Modifications:

Wouldn’t you just love it if you are allowed to make changes into your application, keeping in view all the ratings and reviews that you are getting from your users? Well, you’d love it, and therefore, native app development might be the best option for you.

It allows you to make modifications easily, without any hassle. Not just this but for a seamless and bug-free experience, constant updates are offered to the users so that they can enjoy using an application just the way they want.

3. Built-In Features:

Features like camera, navigation, and location detector are already built-in when you opt for a native application. These features help users run their gadgets seamlessly and smoothly.

Xamarin Cons:

Where Xamarin offers so many features, there are some downsides to it too. For example, the latest updates for applications are quite slow when you use Xamarin. This is quite a big downside for app development companies as they aren’t able to upgrade their users.

On the other hand, the open-source libraries have some limitations, and the worst of all is that heavy graphics aren’t supported.

Native Apps Cons:

The coding and scripting languages are different for different platforms, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of native app development. The cost and time required are also quite a lot, and it doesn’t even launch on multiple platforms all at the same time.


These are the details that you should know about Xamarin and Native app development. Now, you know everything, you can talk to your Dubai App Developer and consult him about the next step that you should be taking. Our suggestion, however, is to stick with native app development for better results.



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